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02-24-2014, 04:15 AM
Of course Jesus had an apple of eden. ;D

I thought it would be a great game or trilogy for Assassin's Creed. One era would be the life of Jesus, the second being the Acts of the apostles and Paul (him being the Templar grandmaster), and the third era being the Jewish persecution that followed. Only problem is that I can't think of a reason why one of Jesus' followers would be assassinating people.

I just read a summary of the Clementine Homilies/Recognitions. For those of you who don't know, Clement was the second Pope.
Basically here is how the history goes: (Taken from http://www.pesherofchrist.com/ClementinesSource.html#Story)
"Clement begins by detailing his religious questionings, his doubts about immortality, etc. He hears at Rome the preaching of a man of Judea who relates the miracles of Christ. This man (R.) was Barnabas; Clement defends him from the mob, and follows him to Palestine. (In H., evidently the original form, no name is given. Clement sets out for Palestine, but is driven by storms to Alexandria; there he is directed by philosophers to Barnabas, whom he defends from the mob and follows to Caesarea.) At Caesarea Clement hears that Peter is there and is about to hold a disputation with Simon Magus. At Peter's lodging he finds Barnabas, who introduces him. Peter invites Clement to accompany him from city to city, on his way to Rome, in order to hear his discourses. Clement (R.I:17 & R.III:74, or Peter himself (H.I:20) sends a report of this to [James] [James, son of Alphaeus - See Introduction], from whom Peter has an order to transmit to him accounts of all his teaching. So far H.I and R.I:1-21 are extremely close, then the two recensions vary, but similarities can be found throughout."

So instead of starting with a Jewish assassin, why not start with a Roman assassin? The player could be a person close to Clement, be introduced to Barnabas, and be on your way to Judea to meet the current Master, Peter. Clement and the player would be intrigued by these ancient, enlightening truths, and definitely the player wouldn't hesitate to use his sword to defend his pacifist friends.

And that is where it could get interesting: an assassin that is not bent on violence, but rather only to be committed in defending oneself and others. We could use another assassin with this kind of respect, unlike the Kenways (no offense).

So when Peter is introduced, what is waiting for us? A argument between Peter and this man named Simon Magus, discussing doctrine and beliefs that would set the stage for pretty much all of today's Abrahamic religions.

Did you know that bible scholars agree that Simon happens to be a pseudonym name for Paul? Paul happens to be the one who brought forth almost all of today's Christian doctrine and beliefs, and Peter was finding little trust in him. So Paul could be the Templar master of this game, only it would take some time figure this out. Some theories suggest that it was Paul who killed James, who was Jesus' brother, before he repented and became an apostle (just a disguise!).

And Paul wouldn't be the only Templar to worry about. There was also Emperor Nero, who the tyrant who led the persecution against the Jews and early Christians.

The player could experience the persecution, perhaps witness Peter and the other apostles' deaths, and be a part of Nero's rebellion. Paul would make for a nice last boss, and Nero, well, coincidentally according to history, he committed suicide shortly after Paul died. This relives the player to have a cutscene do the work for Nero, but you can see that the player could have went from one person to the next.

There could even be a DLC story that expands through the next few years after Nero's death, which details the deaths of the other apostles (except John, of course).


The only downside to this story though, is that it challenges Christian belief. But hey, if Washington wanted to build a pyramid, anything can happen.

How is the idea?