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02-21-2014, 04:30 AM
the ppl that i rescue that end up working at the manor are still lvl 1. it was until sequence 6 or 8 that i started focusing on them and the liberation quests too. but im confused.

what should i do to lvl up the ppl working at the manor?
do i even need to lvl them up? what good are they going to do me?
if they're no good to me then i dont want to lvl them up.
should i do the homestead missions in the city?
the liberation quests. should i do them? answer yes if they'll get more ppl on my assassins team. so far i have 3.

i have around 40k and i haven't used it on anything yet. unless im mistaken the previous AC games got me money. this one hasn't. which doesn't matter really. i'v lost all interest in enjoying this game several topics ago. now i just want to finish the game and move on.

side question. the ship missions. ONE TIME ONLY i decided to travel by ship to boston and i saw several icons on the sea portion of the map. are these ship missions where i get to play with canons and what not? i haven't updated the ship either. do i need to?

02-21-2014, 04:39 AM
Do the homestead missions if you want to rank them up so they can craft better items and improve the homestead's appearance, overall. Frankly, I would do all of them because the homestead missions are great and I enjoy seeing browsing the homestead when it's lively. When you max out their ranks, you can start crafting some good equipment like pouches, 4-shot pistols, and Washington's Sword. And it's also a great way to make money.

Liberation quests grants you new assassin recruits, yes.

When you browse the naval missions, the ones with the Trinkets Icons are land based missions. The ones with the Templar Icons are sea based missions. Sea based meaning with canons and yadayada.

02-21-2014, 06:31 AM
If you're just trying to finish AC:3 - and I don't blame you, it just gets worse - you can skip everything with the ship and the homestead. All ship memories - aside from the rare main story ones - give you fun trinkets or completion steps or decrease the risk of losing trade vessels (the latter is accomplished by completing the three ship missions that fall on one of the four dotted paths in the sea). The homestead was one of the better parts of the game for me - not saying much - but ultimately just helps you craft better items. The ship missions were another fun part for me, but if you don't enjoy them they can be skipped without penalty for what you're trying to accomplish.

In other words, both are side missions that if you don't enjoy you can skip them, because ultimately they're about new gear and more money. And let's be honest, whether or not you enjoyed AC:3, I think we can all agree it was spectacularly easy. The bugs are more challenging than anything else, so making another 40 or 400k, or crafting a moderately better weapon isn't worth the time if you aren't enjoying the game.

Liberation missions will give you more assassins, but that's another thing that is far from necessary or even particularly helpful in AC:3. They can be fun to have around and call in for unique fights, but the moment liberating a zone becomes tedious/non-fun, I'd say skip it.

02-21-2014, 02:14 PM
Thank you both. So follow up questions

1. there's no potion right? just to be sure. there's no potion that i can carry with me to heal myself yes?
2. im using light saber and pitcairn putnam gun. what items are worth crafting that will be better than these two?
3. remind me about the liberation assignments. do i have to finish the entire set in order to get one extra guy?

i agree with what you said about these so called assassins. unlike the previous AC games, they're not TOO helpful. I remember in liberation those guys kicked ***. It made things a bit too easy :D

02-21-2014, 03:17 PM
1. Correct, there is no potion. You regain health only by removing yourself from combat (or very slowly in combat iirc).

3. There are 6 assassins and 6 zones, 3 in Boston and 3 in New York. In order to recruit an assassin you need to completely liberate their zone. It isn't a particularly difficult task, but it can be tedious for the reward if your goal is to just get done. I actually found the assassins to be entertaining, but I'm a completionist so getting them was never in doubt. You're right that they aren't as powerful individually as they were for Ezio, but they have a lot of interesting functionality that, if you're interested in creating unique scenarios or resolutions, can be fun.

As for 2, there are several weapons that are better than those two, but the question comes down to how much time you want to spend. If you're just powering through the main story what you have will serve you just fine, and as you get to new sequences shops will have minor upgrades. You could also spend time leveling up the homestead and seeking out chests to craft things like the double holster and the best weapons, such as Washington's Battle Sword. Basically there is no set answer given your goal. Once you understand how combat works you could easily beat the primary memories of the game with the gear you're given as you progress, so if you're not struggling with what you have it should last you. Upgrades from crafting aren't completely insignificant, but the time they will save you is less than the time they will take to achieve.

I'm always more interested in experiencing the story than "just finishing", even one as bad as AC:3's, so I'm not sure my advice will be helpful, but there it is.

02-21-2014, 08:28 PM
ok first of all where is my thread? one minute it was there the next im looking for it in the first 3 pages and it wasn't there. i looked for my ID

moving on..

i did create the twin holster but i can't find it. and i THINK when i tried doing it again, i wasn't allowed due to some lvl issue. Also, considering the number of topics i found regarding the disappearance of the second gun or it not working, should i really bother? :D

i like completion. it was only in brotherhood and liberation that i became lazy. doesnt help that iv been playing AC since 2 or 3 months now.

I'm learning slowly btw ... today i discovered 2 things. First of all, to grip anything while falling, u do that by pushing the UP/FORWARD button. Was that mentioned in the game? I thought they removed the gripping for some wierd reason :P I also discovered how to send off my assassins. I kept seeing 14 next to CONTRACTS AVAILABLE but could never really figure out how to access the contracts. ONE WOULD THINK U SHOULD CLICK ON THE CONTRACTS but apparently i have to click on the mouse image or somewhere right next to it -_- so i thought ok maybe now my assassins will be more useful. but ocnsidering what we've been talking about, maybe not. anyways i pretty much use them for backup. i like the idea of how we can use them for diff things. i tried it a few times. it was cool.

i dont no if i want to get washington's swd. im pretty sure it'll take a long time. no i probably wont. but if the big boss proves impossible then i guess...