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02-20-2014, 05:01 PM
I haven't noticed many discussion about event cards that are going to be in BS2. Some of the picks for the BS2 event cards are really dubious for me because they are really one sided and/or overly powerful in design. I think that the main purpose of the events is to give another tactical dimenstion to the battle, but they must not be one-sided (ie. to benefit one faction or deck disign more than the other) and overly powerful.

I'll draw my analysis and thoughts, plase feel free to comment and also do your own.

Current proposed for BS2:

Rise of the Nethermancer - event specifically designed againts Necro "graveyard" businesses - very one sided. Should not be in BS2.
Day of Fortune - very nice straight-forward event. OK.
Week of Knowledge - nice. can benefit every deck/faction starting turn, or even later in the game. OK.
Week of the Dead - benefits Inferno for triggering Hellfire Bloater which can be VERY powerful - I would rather see it out of BS2.
Week of the Mercenaries - a gamble. can benefit creature heavy decks, but in BS2 most of the deck will have at least 50% creatures, so, I think it is OK.
Week of the Weaponsmiths - fine, nice event. a bit expensive for what it gives, thou. would be perfect for 2 cost. OK.
Day of the Sanctuary - I'm neutral towards it. I'd say ok. Maybe a bit too cheap for what it gives. 2 cost would be better. OK.
Hail Storm - one-sided event. really benefits Necro (incorporeal units take no dmg) and hurts Haven (has attack only if full HP), therefore, I'd rather see it out.
Cosmic Balance - just plain stupid event. Spening resources for triggering event that would hurt your hero in a probably already losing game (in 90% of the cases if opponent has a hand dominance over you, you should try to regain board control + catch up with cards in hand, not spend resources which lower your ability to put something on a board with hope you'll discard critical card in opponents hand. I would NEVER use this event. But it doesnt hurt and it is not one-sided nor really powerful. OK.
Time of War - controversial, especially because it is ongoing. Some factions can play faster, other not. In case it would be triggered event, it would be better. I'd leave it out of BS2.
Night of the Rising Moon - one of the most OP events in game! Not only that it allows draw of extra card, but it also allows replacement of 3 bad cards in your hand. All for a mere 2 resources. You can basically change half of your hand in 1st turn (in case you start second). Too OP card. Would definitely like to see it out of BS2!
The Great Hunt - a slightly controversial, can really benefit decks which are builded with cheap cards. ongoing can be a problem. Maybe if triggered would be better. I'd leave it out of BS2.

Currently out of proposed list in BS2:

Blind Arbiters - awesome event, but slightly one sided if you build your deck with expensive card. out is OK.
Celebration - neither one sided not really poweful. gamble alike card. Why is it out?
Conscription Day - I don't see anyone sane ever use it. Unless you know you play a pure spellcaster, but even then, you don't know who you'll play and you won't put it in a deck. No.
Day of the Fallen Wolf - awesome event by desing. Too expensive. Make it cost 2 and put it in BS2.
Eye of the Mana Storm - too expensive. one-sided. Out of BS2 is ok.
Graduation Day - very nice card, but can't decide. Maybe leave it out, too.
Mana Storm - too powerful for certain decks/factions. leave it out.
Marker of Wonders - good late game event cards. not one sided and not too powerful. should be in the BS2 since there is a lack of late-game events.
Market of Shadows - this is IMHO, one of the BEST tactical event cards designed. everything perfect in it, not one sided, not too powerful, makes player think and to calculated risk. would most definitely like to see it IN the BS2.
Month of the Dancing Flames - can benefit certain factions (defense oriented) to punch through, so, one-sided and maybe OP. leave it out.
Month of the Emerald Song - beautiful event with beautiful art. other than 3 cost being IMHO a bit too much, I don't see why is this card out of BS2?
Path of the Ancestors - plain too powerful. leave it out.
Week of Austerity - one sided and can be nasty powerful if you regain board control in first 2-3 turns. leave it out and never even consider putting it in BS2.
Week of Taxes - one sided for certain deck builds, kind of low impact, but can produce anomalies. leave it out.
Week of Training - jesus chris, no. mostly haven only deck event - leave it OUT.
Week of the Tamed Spirits - can actually be a nice tactical card that would make people consider it (since it spans over whole enemy turn). I'ld actually put it in.
Week of the Wild Spirits - to one-sided and maybe even OP. leave it out.

So to sum it out, the event cards which I'd like to see out of BS2 are:
Rise of the Nethermancer, Week of the Dead, Hail Storm, Time of War, Night of the Rising Moon, The Great Hunt

Most strongly for throwing it out of BS2:
Night of the Rising Moon

For the card which I'ld like to see put in the BS2:
Celebration, Day of the Fallen Wolf, Marker of Wonders, Market of Shadows, Month of the Emerald Song, Week of the Tamed Spirits

Most strongly for putting it in the BS2:
Market of Shadows

Bottom line, in worse case scenarion and in case I'd have to make it a one sentence post/plea, it would be; throw out Night of the Rising Moon and replace it with Market of Shadows.

That is my analysis, feel free to make your own. I'd really like to read your thoughts and arguments.