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02-20-2014, 12:34 AM
well this "dumbing the game down" idea seems to be on the whole ok so far...

basically the whole game is now at a lower power level...but there still are a few inconsitencies....work those out and you'll have a ballanced


and since you reduced the number of available cards now ..ALL THE CARDS HAVE TO BE USEFULL there is no going around that now..

ok. I 'll start with my ideas...

BLACKSKULL CRUSHER needs to be out or changed , there is absoluteley no reason to keep such a high power level card now...I know

there are still alot of ways to remove him (banshee,spider, bridge...) but if you want to bring the game at low power level ..MAKE

EVERYTHING LOW POWER LEVEL...this card would just fell like something from an entire different game now...and that would be

totally wrong...

ACAMAS - CHANGE HIS ABILITY TO WORK ALSO WITH BLOODLUST !!!!! --(this is a change that should have been made long ago)

bloodlust was not a key word when acamas first appeared ...but now he could do well with that revision...plus there sureley would be more

creatures with bloodlust in the future...-just make his ability work with any creature that can get enrage counters -

ZARDOC...change his light spellschool to FIRE...light + earth combo is a WOOD ELF STAPLE - and has nothing to do with stronghold- this

feels that is was crammed in only because there is no wood elf faction yet (typical unispired move by this dev team) and that combination was

something not tried before +..you were running out of options with so many heroes for the existing facions.....now this is not the case anymore

RENAME SAHAAR ORC TO SAHAAR BRUTE!!! ...this feels like somenoe switched by mistake the names of the two creatures ....the orc

looks like a brute (c'm on it's basically a COPY -PASTE TAINTED ORC with some mismatched armor pieces) and the brute looks like a regular orc

WAR ELEFANT - needs to be removed asap!!!! --- there is nothing more ridiculous than a 3 cost creature with 7 !!! health
do the math right and relise that he's got nothing to do in a dumbed down game....

SHAMAN HUT - needs to be back!!! stronghold is allways about buffing damage and this was never too strong

SPELLSLASHER - needs to be changed to affect ONLY ENEMY SPELLS

so far GOOD CALLS in removing the Vulture and getting the cyclops back ..vulture was too high power and stronghold just wasn't

stronghold without double attack
otherwise I'm ok with the overall selection

-sad to see my favorite faction (since void rising) became so stunted ..

most important thing ..REPLACE NOBURU WITH KAIKO...OR MAKE NOBURU"S ABILITY COST 4 (since there is no longer needed

to be any symetry between caller ability costs)
noburu was allways useless...he was very slow his ability was useless and his spellschools had no synergy...now with the total dumbing down of

light _ there's not actual earlay damage spell for him...and with the stripping of darkness threre are just not enough strong options for him


you just can't afford a single useless hero now -

kaiko on the other hand can now be played other than stall only...
she has very good synergy between her spellscholls and is not threatened by rush decks anymore...and let's face it with her higher complexity

she is better suited for a "more strategic game"
wouldn't hurt to change her ability to be discard only..

CHALLENEGE HALL needs to be out ...it's useless because of frozen maze...nobody played it in void rising if they had frozem

HALL OF FORTUNE would be my no 1 suggestion...but there are other options as well : avalanche, underwater fortress, even scrying pool

SNOW MAIDENS NEED TO BE MAGIK SHOOTERS...it really does not make sense for tham to be otherwise since they carry absoluteley

no weapons - this would help sanctuary also synergise better with wild spirit week

and since the shanrias are out YUKI ONA need to be able to freeze like the shanryas used to do (they do so in HOMM)
change her stats to 2/1/6 (or something similar) freeze+hypnotyse

good to see kappas out since they did not have attack anywhere like they were supposed to in the fisrt place(like in HOMM)


VENGEFUL SPECTRE is totally pointless because of untamed wraith...even in fleshbane decks...
LIVING NIGHTMARE would do much better since now he actually feels playable....so far it was a real shame because he had such a neat

ability - as a sidenote it would have been more logical for a NIGHTMARE to be INCORPOREAL wouldn't it??? (with stats similar to the

spectre of course)

now this is only a PERSONAL prefrence...(since he does not really feel out of place) but I would replace the minotaur who's just a big dumb

brute with nothing special with the TRAPPER SPIDER..the spider was never too strong ..and it's a pitty to see such an intersting ability just

go to waste

MAKE ALL SPIDERS MELEE SHOOTERS...this actually makes the most sense since they are not imune to retaliation and it fits them

flavourwise perfectley...plus opens up alot of new strategic posibilities

DEATH IS NOT THE END is and was stupid!!, who actually had the bright idea that necro should recycle any other cards than

replace it with UNHOLY COMMUNION ..who actually synergyses and fits very well with the POISON THEME ..and as far as I see you left

alot of poison creatures and spells in bs2


day one ..and to me it SMELLS OF INCOMPETENCE..i think you've embarassed yourselves with this lazy implementation long enough


KIERAN - MAKE HIS ABILITY USEFULL - not as it was couse it will be broken, but somehow that it would be usefull...especially now

with light having only WOL for damage

NOW HOW CAN YOU CHOSE ELITE SQUIRE OVER PRAETORIAN????? most early pressure creatures ARE MELEE and that was

the goal of the praetorian...IN A DEFENSIVE MINDED FACTION....the other guars are just more rafined eleborations of the praetorian

ranged protection isn't all that needed nor usefull....you saw that so far ..and it's not like ranged creatures became significantley stronger with


replace GRIFFIN MARKSMAN with CHOSEN OF ELRATH...the chosen fits better with the heaven theme with his healing ability..and is

actually more usefull for defensive paly -agin more fitting for heaven

CRUSADER COMMANDER has no place in this game the way it was made...how uninspired could you be as desighners to give a

FOOTSOLDIER stronger stats than a cyclops???...he looks like you just threw those high stats on him only to have a creature that fits the

numbers nad nothing else...and his name sais COMMANDER (commanders usually have abilities that boslter allies FYI)...with his stats it

should have read at least CRUSADER CHAMPION!!!


REMOVE CRUSADER TREASURER!!! ...he's just ridiculous for the new enviroment

TREE OF TRUTH is actually usefull only to remove heaven fortunes (fountain and truce) since it never worked with the frozen maze..
so I would have something else instead...with no altar of shadows this feels pretty useless

good riddance prison...(should not have been made in the first place!!!)

if you devs are sleeping on the job PLEASE WAKE UP NOW...this was usefull ONLY IN COMBO WITH PLEASURE OF PAIN and even

than - ONLY FOR FUN -!!!...replace it with ANY OTHER DISCARD FORTUNE

don't see the point of HELLFIRE SLAVE 4 health for 4 cost just never cuts it....

WHERE DID ALL THE ATTACK ANYWHERE CREATURES GO???? this was an INFERNO STAPLE...how come not even one is


considering the actual status of the game PIT LORD would be the best to bring back , and besides that..YOU LEFT GATE TO SHEOL in

game!!! we need another creature to gate - other than the stupid worthless worm!!


good call in removing hasafa...he looked and felt like a dungeon dark elf who did not belong with academy anyway...

good call in removing the stupid and uninspired void shade - again something that looked borrowed from dungeon

good call in reducing the stupid mill strategy (AGAIN MORE FITTED FOR THE INSIDIOUS DUNGEON FACTION) - I hope that in the

future you remove mill from academy for good and focus them only on spell recycling and spell empowerment as they ought to be

change TITAN to -at least- 7 health his overhigh cost justifies that just fine...since towering is only marginally usefull anyway

you kept the most iconic djins and titans ..overall I think academy got the best creature pool for bs2

YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE REMOVED THE EPIC BUILDINGS - they never were very strong and had no special impact on the game

actually they seem to fit very well in the new enviroment..where the game would be slower paced and not dependant on very strong cards for

decisive hits...


sorry for the many spelling mistakes (I am shortsighted and dislexic)

02-20-2014, 01:33 AM
YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE REMOVED THE EPIC BUILDINGS - they never were very strong and had no special impact on the game actually they seem to fit very well in the new enviroment..where the game would be slower paced and not dependant on very strong cards for decisive hits...

I won't comment on the other things, but with this I kind of agree. Remove adjecten bonuses and add destroy building if creature on it dies on all of them.