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02-19-2014, 04:23 PM
tl;dr less cards to farm for. Standard is gonna be considered a "balanced" play mode mainly for beginners. Open will be for advanced play. Simply put: BS2 will become boring after a while so you'd farm cards for the open format and it'll be flourishing again.

So let's look at what's gonna happen:

There's gonna be 2 formats. One with ALL the cards available. And one with pretty much half where most considered OP cards aren't playable.
ALL cards are still going to be available (punchline->) so that at any time a new player who's been playing the Standard format have bought/collected so many advanced cards with wildcards or in packs that he may play in the Open format.


Expansion packs and boxes are going to give the same cards as before for everyone and presceding expansions will have all their cards available in open and about half will only be playable in Standard.
What's currently unclear is what will become of the BS1 cards from the base card collection. Best case scenario is there will be 2 Reinforcement/heroic packs:

Standard Reinforcement/Heroic packs. Contains only cards for the Standard format.
Open Reinforcement/Heroic packs. Contains all cards from base.

Worst case scenario would be that they will only have Standard base packs for purchase. And what this does is punish the guy in the middle, with one exception: They can still buy any card with WC which obviously will be a pain.
In addition to worst case would be that you will be less rewarded or rewarded at all in Open. That will definetly put a deep wound into open format and to Expert players who'll be all alone, together ;P, atleast for a long time, til people occasionally pop into Open format for some variety cause BS2 is too boring and simple.


New players will buy the revamped Reinforcement packs and stick to standard til they have a stable deck for that format. They will then proceed to farm that format til they have a deck for the Open format where the top players will be.
Advanced players (Middle class) will just have a headstart of the new people. Get a top Standard deck and keep build on their currently half-finished T1-decks til they dare to set foot in the Open format.
Expert players will simply stay in Open format and wait for expansions and occasionally play standard til they realize its limits or just play in either of the new tournaments.

So I think what people are missunderstanding is that Standard is not going to be the new main format. I think that it's only meant to be a playground for new and advanced players which will put a certain end to Expert players/decks grinding gold/xp on low players in the 501-1000 ELO.

Will Standard format kill Open format? Absolutely not. As time goes more and more players will join Open format cause they are tired of the simplicity of Standard hence people who started in Standard will have played so much Standard they have to buy Open format cards/expansion packs to play there eventually.

Reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/duelofchampions/comments/1ybmra/the_bs2_is_genious/

02-24-2014, 05:21 AM
Unfortunately, I think you are only half right. There are too many unpleasant people who just like to win, so the "experts" will haunt both the Open and Standard formats. Open will be a slaughtering ground for new and average level players (like myself), although it will be a real test of your ELO matching.

03-26-2014, 08:57 AM
You called?