View Full Version : Diff versions of ac on two comps , one uplay account playing diff game at same time

02-18-2014, 02:37 AM
ok the reason for this, on my home comp i have ac3 and ac4, i mainly play ac4, i occasionally baby sit at my sons and have made myself a second comp over there and have installed my ac3 on that, its not good enough to run ac4 as i like it, so he rings me to ask if i object if he plays ac3 as his xbox has gone and hes saving for the new one, no probs then the problem arrives, if im playing ac4 at home and he fires up ac3 its logging me out of uplay and if i log back in its doing the same over there, now if we were both trying to play the same game in say multiplayer then yes i could understand why, its not that its two separate games i own and its not letting them be played, its no different to having a couple comps in the house having games under one banner and under my control only to find out that only one game can be played at a time, i realise that what i should have done was create a second uplay account and registered the game to that account but i wanted to simplify things, as i say im not after a frig around so we can play ac together, rather both being able to access different games at the same time

02-18-2014, 04:26 PM
the only way is one of you should play the game offline, i would suggest to play AC3 offline as AC4 has some online features like fleet and community events and challenges. to play offline, go to UPlay settings and set UPlay to launch in offline mode then restart UPlay.Note there is only one thing in AC3 that needs the user to be online which is useless btw and its done after finishing the game but its:

you need to collect some artifacts that unlock cheats in the game, so its pretty useless and has nothing to do with the story

02-18-2014, 05:32 PM
Yeah, keep AC3 in offline mode (in the settings you can check "always start in offline mode")
That way you can both play.