View Full Version : Why is the game so hard to start up?

02-18-2014, 02:03 AM
I honestly never thought I'd had the time and patience, even after a month and a half of playing online, to make this post. However, as I'm sitting here on my eighth time trying to start up multiplayer, I have to wonder, why does it freeze so much of "updating animus parameters". Is this a common issue for everyone else? It always takes me at least 2 times, usually 3, and its not common to take 6 or 7. I've had it take around 20 once, including turning the system off twice. Is there any chance of this being patched in the future? I love the multiplayer, I just can't understand the server issues, Rockstar handled it better with way more players online.

02-18-2014, 02:05 AM
again, I love the game, and that that kind of turned into a ubisoft rant there at the end. I more just want solutions to the problem so I can continue to enjoy this game.