View Full Version : A concept of additional side missions and expanded main mission freedom

02-17-2014, 11:55 PM
Hey guys,

So I normally love tailing and eavesdropping missions (no offense, I'm just a Stealth fan), but I know many don't like them.
And within the last time I've been thinking a lot about how to please both sides here.

And I came up with a simple solution.

Do you remember that Assassins Creed 1 had eavesdropping missions prior to major assassinations?

Well, I've been active a little bit in the last days here, and came a cross and interesting post proposing that we should not only have missions to kill our targets, but maybe also missions to sabotage their operations, weaken their defenses, infiltrate their buildings, find information, reduce their influence, etc.

Now, every Assassins Creed has main targets. And those main targets have to be taken out at some point.
And I think the mission structure does not have to change that much.
Additionally, I do think that adding such missions would lengthen the main story more and maybe change the pace too much, leaving the people who just want to explore or just want to finish the story bored by missions to "prepare for the Assassination" as it was in AC I.

But what if, every time we have a main target or opponent, every time we follow a certain course in a chapter we get some side missions at the beginning of the chapter.

Those could involve all those things, eavesdropping, tailing (gathering information), sabotaging an operation of our opponent/target (or Templars) and stuff like that.

The missions would be optional and provide us with additional stuff to do, additional context, so we get to know our targets and also the main characters in out game (because they could be involved sometimes, even if it is just them giving you the mission)

Of course those side missions would only be 4 or 5 each chapter, and they would be added alongside of the usual Templar Hunt, Assassination and Plantation-like Missions.

But that way we could outsource the eavesdropping and tailing missions to side activities and make them OPTIONAL. You could learn more about your targets, have more story context and have additional gameplay, but only if you want.

The main missions would not have to contain so many tailing missions.

The concept can be developed further on another end.

Imagine you have your main target (a Templar) but you have to get a specific information so you are able to assassinate him (that happens in every AC game).

What if you had 2 (or 3) choices how to do that in that particular mission?

1. Eavesdrop a conversation of several soldiers to find out where "the General" (the target) is metting
2. Steal the letter from a secured room in the castillo
3. Kill a battalion and interrogate their leader

It would give you the option to have less repetitive gameplay without too much additional work.

Additionally I would of course like Ubisoft to support a viable (optional) Stealth option/approach in 90% of the missions and activities in the game.

Anyway, tell me what you think and make suggestions if you have some.

I would really like to keep the eavesdrop and tailing mission, but I know for most they are annoying.
Also, I always though about how it would have been if AC 1's "preperation" missions would have been more variable and dynamic in design and optional.
Add the idea of "more missions with sabotaging Templar operations, gathering information, etc" to the equation and I thought they could do something along those lines.

It would also mix up the whole thing and make the side missions less repetitive.

Of course missions like Templar Hunt, Assassin Contracts, Plantations and Forts would still be in the game, alongside of those Missions.

Tell me what you think.