View Full Version : AC4 - PC - Fix for "Crash/Black Screen" in single player mode - Read this

02-17-2014, 06:26 AM
Ok, so after the latest update (v1.06), I was having a strange problem. I was able to play Multiplayer without any problems but my Single player game used to crash right after the loading screen (Bluish hell where the character can move and run around but cannot perform any actions). Contacted Ubi support for it but no solutions. Tried to install and re install but again no success.
Then I read somewhere: "When you are an loading screen (Blue Hell), Alt+Tab out of the game. Then come back in the game by selecting the AC4 game from taskbar. And it loads properly."
And this " freakin' " trick worked! Now I can load the game without any problems. Don't need to Alt+Tab again. :)