View Full Version : Promotional code: ACIV for PS4 [Yeah, I'm not a spamming bot]

02-16-2014, 01:43 PM
My copy of ACIV is for PS3, my brother gave it to me for Christmas.
In this edition there was a Treasure Map and some digital codes for more features. The codes are for Aveline Missions, uPlay Passport, Blackbeard/Black Bart/ Hornigold/Connor Sails, Haytham Outfit and Kenway's Unique Dual Swords.

Now, there is an additional code that I DIDN'T USE. It says it's for a digital version for PS4 of ACIV "for only 9,99" [$13.68].
It also says that this code was only valid until 31/01/2014 [Jan 31], but I think it could be still valid, since three days ago I used some codes from Dragon Age: Origins that said they were valid only until May 2010.

So, that's the point... I don't have a PS4, I don't know anyone with a PS4 who wants this code.
Is anyone interested?