View Full Version : Zombie Spitters

02-15-2014, 11:34 AM
These zombies are the only ones that have a ranged attack in the game. The damage is low, however the worst part is that it reduces your view, making it easy to miss open doorways and get stuck. Heavy ammo attacks are effective like flare plus grenade or aiming for the head with high damage weapons, however it is not necessary if you are facing them one one one.

Defense: It is not difficult to strafe to the side to avoid the shots. Even easier is to hide behind a barrier and wait for the zombie to walk up to you.

Offense: If you can get close, they are easy to fight, although they have above average health (about 11 hits on survivor mode I think, compared to 8 for normal zombies and 16 for armored zombies). Once you hit a spitter with your cricket bat once, you can wait for them to get up and rush you. They won't attempt to spit at you if you are in melee range.

Groups: Spitters are difficult in a group of zombies. The visual distortion especially can make it difficult to fight. I find the best strategy is to use flares. You can then use a molotov cocktail, but you must then make a fast retreat, since they can continue to shoot at you until the flame consumes them. Where possible, use grenades instead.