View Full Version : Assassins Creed Revelation- Game Bug-Stuck in Sequence 3 Memory3

02-14-2014, 07:35 AM
II'm a new guy in the forum and would like to ask my fellows assassins creed's gamer to help me.

Currently I'm playing AC revelation and during 1st and 2nd sequence I had accumulate my wealth through liberating the dens in the city of Constantinopel.
As the result my trainee assassins level is 12 and 8 by the time I got to the bird cage to start the Sequence 3: Memory 3.

I got stuck at the Assassins Guild Contract Screen, city of Busra, when I supposed to choose one from the two assassins trainee that i have in my possession.

The tutorial mentioned i should choose level 11 assassin, but i cannot select with X to my two assassins and also cannot get out from the screen box cause it is part of the memory sequence.

Should I restart my whole game?completely doing it all over again from sequence 1?
Or level up my other trainee with level 8 experience with activities in the game's open world (like killing guard using assassins signal) after it achieved level 11, I go back to the bird cage and start the mission 3 sequence 3.

This glitch is not common but happen to other gamers too and for them it happen when the screen box (Guild Contract) is not even responding and stataing there is assassins trainee available (although in actual they have 2 trainees)

Grazie for your help and Ciao