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02-13-2014, 11:51 PM
So I rewatched the Pirate Heist trailer.


And, you know, magic of editing and a few newly recorded lines, and there's as a whole a very different vibe to what's going on with all the pirates than what we've got in the game, and I don't mind what we've got in the game, I love AC4 storyline, I think it's an awesome one, but the trailer got me thinking, that there's one thing missing... and that's a Pirate Heist. Which, to be honest, may not have an exact basis in history but I think is more important than what was supposed to be between Sequences 10 and 11 (the Mary/Anne/Rackham sequence) that was planned but got cut.

We get to see the rise and fall of the Pirate Republic, but we never actually experience it at its strongest, at the, as one trailer mentions it, 'that short bright moment in history when people truly lived free' (approximate quote).

And between Sequence 5 and 6 (btw, Seq 5 starts in January 1717 and Seq 6 in January 1718, so there's at least half a year gap between them considering we get to Kingston in Seq 5) we have ALL the legendary pirates at Nassau: Blackbeard, Hornigold, Vane, Rackham, Bonnet also meets Blackbeard at this point approximately, and Anne Bonny and Mary Read as well (though neither don't officially start their pirating careers at this point, this could've been the point where they meet AND where Anne's pirating career is 'set up' for the future, so to speak). Between Sequence 5 and 6 there could be that Band of Brothers Ocean's Eleven moment of '**** yeah we're free pirates and life is good!'

And it's not like nothing historically happened either. I mean, between 1717 and 1718, Hornigold got outvoted to attack any ship possible (which can be a set-up for his disappointment in the Republic), Blackbeard met Bonnet AND got the famous Queen Anne's Revenge, and **** knows what was happening to Vane and Jack at the time, so, yaaaay, free reign! And in terms of the main storyline, it would happen after the Sage escapes Kingston and Governor Torres learns that Edward is still alive and there's probably tons of that ransom gold missing maybe. So there's something that could be done to not stray too much from the Observatory plotline.

I actually was thinking to design a 3-5 mission sequence of what could happen, but that takes a lot of time and this is just for pure imaginative fun, so I don't know if I'll get to it. Maybe when I have a lot of free time. I just love the idea of a '**** YEAH!!!!' sequence where all pirates work together (and where also the first hints of the approaching fall-out is going to happen) probably with some kind of a Reservoir Dogs shot in one of the cutscenes where they all go towards the camera and figured I might as well share the thoughts :p

02-14-2014, 05:17 PM
I do agree with everything you said, except for the video.
Yes, there are tons of editing there that make it look totally different from what the scenes actually are, but except for one scene where the trailer showed a character that shouldn't be there, every other scene can be seen in the game, and so can the lines that are spoken through the trailer.

02-17-2014, 02:16 PM
Well, I'm not saying that we didn't get what's in the trailers. I just said that I would really like something that the trailer, the way it's edited, gives a feeling for.

It could be a normal-sized sequence, with each mission being focused on assisting one/two pirates to perform some kind of plan. I.e. a level for Blackbeard and Bonnet (since Bonnet is kinda a new guy), a level for Hornigold, a level for Vane and a level for Jack. Possibly a level for Anne, but not sure how that works out. But each level focuses on particular skills or characters of particular pirates.

I have one idea in my head, though not sure how much it can be historically connected, i.e. if Havana was attacked by any pirates.

The idea is, we start on Nassau where Kidd says that Torres sails back to Havana from Kingston in a strong British convoy (I'm sure him being a Grand Master of the Templars who do have influence in Kingston that's more than possible), and the Sage is on one of those ships as well (as well as ****tons of money that were supposed to be used for ransom but weren't, and then some more). Edward knows how well the Sage can escape captivity if he ever touches land, so they need to intercept the convoy while they're still at sea. But they don't know the exact course, so the interception has to happen in the harbor of Havana. Edward gathers up the crew (Bribing them with ****tons of gold that they'll get), and they sail to Havana.

So, mission 1 is with Blackbeard and Bonnet. During the night we need to prepare the coast of Havana for a huge artistic show that will scare everybody in the city ****less. You know, bonfires, smoke, falling of barricades. We help that and start 'the show', helping Bonnet in the process because he most likely gets into some trouble.

Mission 2. While the whole mess goes on the coast and the city garrison is distracted, we help Hornigold and his buds Burgess and Cockram to take over the fort (they're the more orderly military strategic kind, so it's a very well-laid plan). Possibly a segment where we protect Burgess and Cockram so they'd be present for more than just side view before their assassination. At the end, as the morning dawns and the convoy approaches, Hornigold sees that the ships they're planning to take are British (which Edward didn't mention), Hornigold says that he's not planning to take part of that, his crew though is willing to do so (so this is the beginning of Hornigold's 'wtf are you people doing' phase).

Mission 3. The fort of Havana raises a Black Flag and starts firing at the ships. The ships start to retreat, but they're cut off by Adewale, Vain and Rackham from the other side. Vain fights on to capture the big Man'O'War. We free-run akin to the Treasure Fleet level through the battling ships in the harbor to get onto the Man'o'War and help Vain capture it. There we find Torres who says that the Sage already escaped long before they reached Havana. Disappointed Edward says to take all the gold they have on that ship and signals everybody to retreat.

Mission 4. We jump onto Rackham's ship. Rackham's ship is filled with fire barrels that are going to be used to cover up the pirates' escape. However the dude can't multitask, so Edward, i.e. we, sails in a manner to make all the chasing and regrouped ships so Rackham (which, technically speaking, is also us) could command the release of the fire barrels (the ship doesn't have any other weapons on board). Everybody escapes, mission ends, the gold is split, and while Edward didn't take the sage, being a pirate is awesome and Nassau is awesome and they're this awesome group of brigands, or smth like that. Sequence ends.

I mean, it's just a draft idea, with no basis in history whatsoever, mostly to show the concept of 'level for each pirate for their cool thing'.