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02-12-2014, 05:32 PM
I don't know if here is the righ place or if someone already posted a similar concept (if so please accept my apologies and ignore this thread) but i do want to share an idea: a mirror tournament. The rules could be simple, for exemple:
- only one hero used by all the participants;
- the system could be BO3 with groups or Swiss
- maybe a limited card pool or some restricted cards
- the heroes can be rotated once a week because in the end the winner will receive a prize or an honorific title of: Grand master of the order (Heaven), Naga Warchanter (Sanctuary), Knight of Agony (Inferno), Warchief (Stronghold), Archmage of the Void (Academy), Eternal Tactician (Necropolis).
Sadly i do not have the experience in organising a competition but maybe someone likes the concept and decides to give it a try. I will gladly help him/her as much as i can.

P.S. 1 If anyone has other ideas feel free to add them.
P.S. 2 Sorry for my english but is not my native language.

02-17-2014, 06:40 PM

with the next update, which will introduce a second Base Set, there will not only be a new "Standard" format (with only Base Set 2 cards) besides the then called "Open" format (all the cards, so what we have now), but also a "Weekly" format for tournaments (Swiss or Jackpot), which will be available some days. There will be some special, every week (probably) changing rules, maybe also what you proposed, that there will only be one hero legal.