View Full Version : winning community challenges in ac4 unlocks no reward

02-09-2014, 12:49 AM
Every time my community beats a challenge, the game tells me that the reward is unlocked, and to check my inventory. When I go look at my inventory, the prize is still locked. This has happened with the explorers outfit, captains wheellock pistols, and now with the red and black striped sails. I contacted support, and they said on two seperate occations (a month appart) that they would push it up to others and that the problem will be fixed soon. Is their any hope in this being true, or am I being told pointless things to shut me up and hope I go away? It's been three months....I just want my rewards I won. Anyone else having this problem, and on what console? Has anyone had this problem actually fixed?

02-10-2014, 01:36 PM
you're not the only one because i have the same problems. i whas realy looking forwars to the explorer outfit, but it is still locked for some odd reason. the only otem i did get whasthe el impoluto figure head, but that happened while i was playing the game and the goal was made while i was sailing around. and also i'm getting the same reply as you do. they told me to do something in my browser but that didn't help at all. i owne the wiiu version of the game. they just need to fix the problem. maybe they just need to give the players a special code in the future for completing the goal, so they don't have these problems. at this moment i'm just very dissepointed and angry:mad::(

02-10-2014, 09:42 PM
I think you hit the nail on the head right there in your comment. I also have the wii u version. I also recieved the figurehead, but did not recieve the explorers outfit, the captains wheellock pistols, and this past weekends red and black striped sails. I've talked to people on Miiverse, on the AC4 forum, and almost everyone is having the exact same issue. I think the problem here is ubisoft, despite making the game for wii u, really could care less about the nintendo game owners. No DLC, major issues with award unlocking online, they've given up on them, because they are not as large of a crowd as xbox and playstation. I've been trying everything since I've got the game in Novermber to get this problem fixed. I've contacted support on three seperate occations now, with a promise of a fix from them, but no result. One guy last night on Miiverse said he's had the problem since the release, and every time he contacts obisoft support, they give him the same answer, "we have identified the problem and it will be fixed shortly". Then nothing gets fixed. I think this is my last ubisoft game. I really wanted to buy watch dogs, but I can't deal with them anymore, It's too soul crushing.