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02-08-2014, 09:34 PM
Hello there "The Crew" devs and fans. I want to ask your opinion. Would of it be cool to put REAL prices on cars,parts etc (not like in other games that for example tyres cost some 100+k)? Have some tought cops like choppers or something like that. Weapons against cops like spikes and EMP (not so realistic). Character costumization. Make for all cars REAL stats and classes. Make super alot of costumization like in NFS Underground 2 (Lights, wheels, interior, bumpers, bodykits,spoilers, hight, exhausts, vinyls, tint, neon, tech) and with those stuff make realy feel the difference of preformence, to feel the downforce or worse handiling if you tune it wrong, something like that. Access to cars that not only superb and big price supercars but some lower preformence cars aswell and classics too (for example: Supra, Skyline,BRZ/FRZ/GT86, S2000, E46 etc). Make realy good collision effects and damage (and damage I mean it has to depend how hard your damaged car is and make it even undrivable if its realy messed up). Speed cameras could be cool. Radio or changeable music (not only techno and dubstep but rock or metal or rap aswell like in good NFS games (Underground, Most Wanted 2006, Rivals,Hot Pursuit 2010)). This game realy has to have a good detale on the cockpit of the car, to have stuff that you can see how your character touches every button on changes gear. These are my all ideas for now. If you have something to say about my ideas or yours, please comment.