View Full Version : AC4 PS3 multiplayer glitches while performing stuns

02-05-2014, 09:26 PM
the pass few days have been a nightmare for me as im playing deathmatch. the glitch seems to occur more frequently now even after I downloaded the new patch. my major concern is while im performing a stun or kill, its shows myself going through the animation but suddenly my target or pursuer has the better of me and performs a reverse stun/kill. I thought it may have been lag in my internet services and check to make sure its reads GOOD Optimal gameplay, but the glitch is still there. when it had BAD optimal it didn't have as much of a consistent problem. Are other people having the same problem as well? before the glitch I was always in the top 3 at the final round but now I finish at the bottom. it has now put me off my game as I have lost confidence in playing and getting kill too easy. can someone help me

02-05-2014, 10:37 PM
It more than likely is your internet connection as you said you have the problem more when you're in the good than you are in the bad.
It's always best to be in the bad because there is a higher likelyhood that you have a better connection than your matched opponents...however if you are grouped in the good connection than you are more likely to have opponents with superior connection.
A choice would be great, but of course many players would take advantage of this. :)