View Full Version : PC [PC] AC4 MP Stuck at Downloadable content screen

02-04-2014, 07:32 AM
Its been weeks since ive played my loved AC4 Multiplayer but i cant because of this blasted 'Checking for Downloadable content' screen. Left it there for 1 hour nothing happened it just kept looking for the supposed 'downloadable content'. Reworked and optimised my internet connection, still doesn't work, this problem occured at patch 1.05. Something is wrong, please does anyone have any suggestions? Ubisoft Support have gone quiet on me :mad:
Everytime i open it up it would go on that screen

Additional Info: Im have a season pass, but i dont know why that would be a issue, the problem began at the recent patch release
Additional Info 2: Tried playing AC4 MP on offline mode so i can play wolfpack (im that desperate to play MP again :rolleyes: ) but it didnt work same problem