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02-04-2014, 03:51 AM
...i don't find the true thread for impressions. That's why i post it here. If you feel harassed or bored - please forgive me and skip some innovation.
I will share thoughts for players and developers. Fell free to share your opinions with me, i'm very interested about everything you think.

#1 - Trading

People should be able to trade cards. You can't do it because of "Smurfs" and because it would be to easy to betray. But how about only people are able to trade cards, who played at least 20 training matches against each other? And if this isn't enough, you could add gold prizes - a bit like the altar of wishes (commons trade 2.5k // uncommons 5k // rare 10k // unique 20k gold). This should stop those freaks and would help the community.

#2 - More players!

Blizzard is Blizzard but this game is definitely more awesome than *cough* Fartstone. Just let the potentially players know!
People should get a prize for invites (1 pack/basic ed. [2 cards] for 5 invites that played till lvl 20 for example).

#3 Tournaments

Low lvl players are scared when they join tournaments. And many times it isn't funny - till you own a lot of cards. Just give each player 1 wild card for each pair of swiss and jackpot tournament and many more people will join them.
Give players the chance to upvote another player after a game for sportsmanship. If you have 100 upvotes it's an achievement. The ability to use an avatar for example.
All players want to be unique - give a chance to them! You could add achievement emblems for forum posts as well - all would work to bring them all together.

#4 Deck menu // Card library

You can choose magic schools, rare etc as filter. But it would be awesome if you could sort your cards after cost (fade out all *5 and so on). And you could add a search engine for names. The possibility to see all cards in a list without pictures could help, too. The same thing could help cleaning the shop optic (just for people that seen the booster pics 1 billion times). While gaming sort the cards in hand after cost.

#5 Shop

Just add more "Specials". Offer "triple packs" (hero pack/uprising void/herald of the void etc) for 10% off (only with gold payment) - this will suggest the people to play more, to get their personal achievement. But the players would honor it - with more time spent and more fun/fan.
Add special "Emilios booster - Inferno" // "Emilios booster - Bastion" etc.

#6 Gameplay

The gameplay is nearly awesome. But i miss it to use my keyboard...
Start turn//Hero is selected automatically/q.w.e.r.// - increase might.magic.fate.draw card.
Or if people don't want the suggestion to use their hero first, the first hit in your turn on "space" opens the hero menu.
"enter" ends the turn etc...

This were just a few thoughts, there are many more but i didn't want to spam the forums.
If you like my thoughts - feel free to add me and tell me yours.

Best regards from me - Blumenbummel.

And to all of you: GL HF Aaaaall the games! :o

02-04-2014, 10:54 AM
Most of your suggestions are of course valid and with some luck devs will even read the post.
That's probably the best you can hope for though :/

02-04-2014, 01:14 PM
Hi. Thx for the fast reply. Makes me smile if you think a few of the thoughts aren't insane. ;)

That's probably the best you can hope for though :/

I don't really hope for anything else than an active discussion about things, that the community would change. But without those "Just give me all cards for free"- thoughts.
I really like the game and i would love to see a (massive) living community in a few years. So (dear developer gods - plz don't be angray^^) just involve the people a bit more and they will honor it, i think.

02-04-2014, 05:25 PM
Here is my answer for the real thread:

Develope common neutral spells and fates in the style of each faction. Same spells but more cost. Just to have the possibility to use "straight faction things" in other decks or to use this ability more often in the faction deck.

Why aren't there more replies on this thread? my meaning was that many people think about such stuff... :D

02-04-2014, 06:24 PM
I think that if you published this thread in the General Discussion forum more people would have seen it, I agree with your suggestions as well.