View Full Version : AC4 Black Flag...Alta´r,Ezio and Connor costumes unlock.(Problems and guide).

02-03-2014, 11:49 PM
Hi there,i see many people having trouble with the AC4 assassin's costumes,these are loyality gifts,and i'll be happy to explain you how to get them,and if you meet these requirements and don't have them yet,what to do.

First i want to clarify something,all the info here was provided to me by a ubisoft support agent after i sent a support message with this same issue,so,now i want to save them many mails and time to you.

That being said...

How to get them?

The way the Loyalty Reward Costumes works, when the game launches it will check with our online stats tracking systems to see if your account has played previous Assassin's Creed games, either in singleplayer or multiplayer. Uplay actions, rewards, and points, or save games, are not part of the check process. Instead, it's checking our online stats tracking systems for activity from your Gamertag (Xbox), PSN ID (Playstation), or Uplay account, only if you're playing on PC. If you only played the singleplayer of a previous game while offline, the stats tracking systems will not have any data for that game and it will not count towards your reward. For one game played, you get the Altair costume, for two games played, you get the Ezio costume, and for three games played, you get the Connor outfit. Once they have been unlocked they should be available to you through out the rest of your play time.
For more security is recommended to have an account in AC Initiates.

I meet these requirements,but i dont have the outfits!

If you meet these requirements but the outfits are not appearing, please try the steps listed below:

1. Log on to the Uplay website

2. Go to account settings

3. Click to unlink the Uplay profile from the Linked Account (PSN if you play on PS3/PS4 or XBOX LIVE if you play in X360/X1)

4. Start ACIV: Black Flag

5. The game will automatically prompt you to link your Uplay account

6. After re-linking, the outfits should then be available

If not you should try contacting the ubisoft support.

Hope i've helped,have a nice day!


02-04-2014, 03:25 AM
I've had trouble with the outfits. I played every AC on PS3, then Black Flag on PS4, and by doing that I can't get the Outfits. Initiates for some reason can't differentiate between the two consoles. When I sign into Uplay on PS3 my AC stats show up WITHOUT AC4, but if I sign in on PS4 it shows my AC4 stats without anything else.