View Full Version : PS4 [PS4] Public Wolfpack sequence stuck 0 points left

02-03-2014, 05:50 PM
You can't win a public wolfpack game session with this. I lost twice with randoms because of this, note that these randoms actually cared about score a little bit.
It started like this, I went to play wolfpack, public, joined with 2 people, so we are 3, we played normally, nothing is wrong, even as one was a rusher for a kill. However after the chest sequence, which is like sequence 9 or something, it started to get crazy, we finished the chest sequence, chests disappeared, but the sequence tracker got stuck on 0 points left, and we kept killing for no reason, until 2 infection or chest sequences got finished, which it gone to the next sequence, however when the next infection or chest sequence came, it started again, which is a waste of time and so we lost.
Solo wolfpack has no problems, I didn't test private wolfpack with group, but this bug happens publicly I don't know what number of players required for it to happen.
This happens after chest or infection sequences and resumes sometime after them, but not always.