View Full Version : PS3 [Ubisoft_Account] PS3 Stressful servers continue again! [Rage, Rage, Rage]

02-02-2014, 03:15 PM
Okay, This time im not gonna sugar coat anything. Ubisoft, I'd be damned if I know that you guys are ignoring your community in an attempt to fix the ridiculous servers that interfere with players daily. I'd like for the community to be heard, As well as for once ubisoft do their job correctly and fixing this game for once and for all. I think you did an astonishing job with the game's single player, But multiplayer you are just throwing it all out at once. ''Disconnected this, Disconnected that, Oh Limited mode.'' It's not like it's happened once , But daily while playing this supposed to be a wonderful game. It hurts me and your community that you guys don't care about your community and that you do not care about your reckless servers. There has been countless forums complaining about the SAME Exact issue that I unfortunately have to deal with. ''We are attempting blah blah blah'', No you are not doing anything. Not even responding to the people's needs when they need to be heard. The patch that was supposed to fix everything? Non existent. The dedicated servers that you presume to give your players? Non existent. We are loyal people Ubisoft, Don't screw us like a light bulb to make a quick buck out of everything we try to buy to at least try to enjoy the game. Its shameful to be honest. I'm sorry but if I offended you, The truth needs to be heard or else nothing is gonna work. You guys are deaf! As if you ignore our simple commands and fix the servers so that in the future, It rarely happens. People bought this game so that we can play as one. Ubisoft has separated me and my clan [Or my family] that I love to play with. Heck, Some people resort to ac3 for better servers. We are the ones that make your paycheck, You might as well respect us as a community and patch the servers up to the dedicated performance that you swore you have. You irritate me so much, That you lie to our faces of templars and assassins. I really had high hopes for you guys. I know eventually someone is gonna disagree with me in every way shape or forum, But I exposed the corruption that ubisoft has shielded from us as a community. ''Thanks ubisoft'', For being the absolute reason why I will never enjoy ac4 the same as every other ac's. To end off with, I have 100% internet strength and green nat all the time. :)