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02-02-2014, 07:07 AM
So Ubisoft has no "Contact Us" email address and the Ubisoft "Ask A Question" section is bugged for me (can't submit my general feedback). I don't have Twiiter (140 characters is not enough), and I don't want to post on your Facebook page.

Also, yes, I've submitted a ticket via your ticketing system and no word from "Chad" or "Trent" this week...

So... I'll leave this comment here:

================================================== =======

To whomever it may concern:

Dear sir or madam, it is with great vexation that I write to you to express my feeling towards your product and the support you are providing for said product. I have purchased both Splinter Cell Black List and Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag and have yet to play both games. All stats regarding "hours played" on my Uplay account are a sham and those "hours" were spent troubleshooting your product - which is RIDICULOUS. Your company is releasing BETA software and passing it off as finalized products..

Look, I have a job and several bosses above me who scrutinize my work everyday for quality. If I somehow manage to falter during my performance I have about 8 other superiors ripping into me like a group of lions into an antelope.

Now, back to your company, to me it sounds like no one cares about how things get shipped and brush off customer complaints. Is anyone held responsible? Was anyone fired? Because if this was how I operated at work, I would be filing for unemployment and federal food assistance.

Now on to your support. It is horrendous. At no point during my time of interaction with a support staff member did I ever think to myself I was talking to a real human being. I felt as though created a bot that gave out generic answers; that or you hired someone from a non-speaking country and gave them a script to read. What's even worse is the response time of support - it's pathetic... So far it's been 1-response per week or even longer. I've worked in customer service before and again, if this was the rate I was going at, I wouldn't have a job.

Look - I really want to like Ubisoft, I really want to like Uplay, and I really want to have some faith in you guys but it looks like the flickering ember of hope is dying.

I just hope you guys take the right course of action...

Best of luck.


02-02-2014, 07:24 AM
If you don't like using the Support channels you've listed you can also try giving them a call which can be quicker. Hours and days of operation vary depending on your location.

Regarding the filed ticket:
Please make sure you have provide them with as much detail as possible, answer all replies from them and answer those requests within 48 hours - to avoid your question being marked as solved.

The first reply from support may be a simple FAQ but this is normal. If that does not solve the issue, reply and inform them.

Standard turn around time for web based support is 24-48 hours during times of high contact (such as after new releases and during the holiday season).

Maybe if you let us know what your issue is we may be able to help.