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I'm compiling a guide on here from various youtube videos, searching, and from my own personal experience. I'm going to attempt to make this a one-stop shop for all the tips you could possibly need. I imagine by the time I'm finished with this guide, it's going to be huge. I've been starting this guide since the day I started this game, so hopefully, it'll help you on some of the parts I had trouble with as well as give you some input on some of the things you can look forward to upon leveling up.


The game takes place in the city of Capua and among that city, there is 6 different districts. Each district has it's own boss and/or legend. Defeating a legendary fighter will make him available for purchase in the market. In order to fight a boss, you must first defeat all 6 of the 'Primus Fighters' in that district. Here's a quick run-through.

Each district has different levels of fame, silver, and lethality. All 3 of these range from 1-5 depending on the district. 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. Note that you will have to reach a certain level of fame in order to unlock each district. Once you reach fame level 10, all districts will be unlocked. However, you will not be able to play the final legend until you reach fame level 15.

EXTREMUS - Lethality: 1 || Silver: 1 || Fame: 1
MERCATUS - Lethality: 2 || Silver: 2 || Fame: 2
DOMUS NOBILIUM - Lethality: 3 || Silver: 3 || Fame: 3
OSCAN CAPUA - Lethality: 4 || Silver: 3 || Fame: 4
INSULAE - Lethality: 5 || Silver: 5 || Fame: 1
SPECTACULA - Lethality: 5 || Silver: 4 || Fame: 5

*NOTE: Oscan Capua's and Spectacula's level of lethality are both glitched in-game. On the main map screen they will each have 1 less skull for lethality than I have provided. If you select one of those districts, you'll notice that the lethality levels match mine. I just picked what I truly believe they are.

TIP #1: If you're having trouble defeating the Primus or Legendary fighters, I suggest playing the challenger bots for practice and to help you level up and unlock new equipment which inevitably makes it easier for you to defeat them. Each district has 3 different 'challenge' bots which always remain there, and remember, each district has it's own set of rewards for winning.

TIP #2: Depending on what you're in need of, whether it be fame or silver, you're going to want to play in the district that offers the most of it. For instance, if you need more silver, you're going to want to play in the Insulae District. If you need both fame & silver, I suggest playing in the Spectacula District.

*NOTE: WINNING ONLINE WILL ALWAYS EARN YOU THE MOST FAME. However, if you're not doing so well online I suggest you stick to the basic routine of 'spamming' the challenge bots over and over. (Maximum Fame Level is 50)


Now that I've pretty much covered the fame and silver, let's get into gold. GOLD IS THE MOST VALUABLE CURRENCY ON THIS GAME. Why do you ask? Well let's see, ONLY gold can purchase the best of the best when it comes to weaponry, armor, characters, etc.


Leveling up.
Completing Goals.
Winning Tournaments.
Placing in the top 1% in the tournament season.
Daily rewards - 7th day.
Rather expensive DLC or as the game refers to it as 'The Bank'.

While winning tournaments and placing in the top 1% offers the highest amount of gold, completing challenges and leveling up are just as helpful. You're going to want to spend as little gold as possible until you reach level 50. The reason for this is because once you reach level 50, everything is available for purchase and you're going to want to have all the gold you need for everything you want.

Now that I've got the 'DON'T SPEND GOLD' motto burned into your brain, let's get into choosing a gladiator. There are 6 different rankings of gladiators, and each can be recognized by the color of their name.

WHITE - The lowest of the low, only allows for 1 perk spot.
GREEN - The second lowest, allows 2 perks.
BLUE - The middle-man, allows 3 perks.
PURPLE - The second highest, allows 4 perks.
GOLD - The BEST, allows 5 perks.
LEGENDARY - Non-customizable, has 5 perks.

*NOTE: You're going to want to choose very carefully when selecting a gladiator. The ratings range, even within each color.

*USEFUL RESOURCE: CLICK HERE TO VIEW EACH GLADIATORS STARTING STATS! (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/824290-Recruting-Class-Starting-Stats)

Special thanks to AIVengeance and Viper187316 for providing this!

White, Green, and Blue gladiators can all be purchased with silver at any time. In my own personal opinion, I would just stick to the 'Blue' gladiators until you reach level 21 unless you absolutely need a 'Purple' gladiator. The reason being, once you reach fame level 21 the 'Purple' glads can be purchased with silver and you will have 'Gold' gladiators available for the price of 13 gold.

TIP #1: Personally, I would refrain from buying legendary gladiators. One main reason is that if you die in battle with a legend, they can NOT be revived and will have to be re-purchased.

TIP #2: 'GOLD' gladiators however, CAN be revived with silver which is a much better investment. Plus, once you level up high enough, the gold glads blow the legendary glads out of the water.

TIP #3: If you really want to save your gold, stick to the 'Purple' gladiators from level 21 up until level 26. Once you reach level 26, the 'Gold' gladiators can be purchased for 11 gold rather than the original price of 13 gold. Not much of a difference, but hey, if you buy 5 gold glads you could be saving 10 gold coins if you choose to wait. It all adds up.

TIP #4: Never pay the 5 gold to refresh the recruits. Simply signing out and signing back in will refresh the recruits, for free!

Special thanks to DireHit for the input on the 'Gold' fighters.

There are 8 different fighting styles. These styles are:

Dual Daggers
Dual Swords
Spear & Shield
Sword & Shield
Two-Handed Hammer
Two Handed Sword
Two-Handed Trident

*NOTE: There is no designated gladiators for fighting unarmed. Simply remove your weapon from any character, excluding legends as they cannot be customized. Fighting with this style is fast, but very weak. You're going to want to boost your damage as much as you can without ruining your mobility.

*ADDITIONAL INFO: All fighting styles have their pros and cons. You'll just need to experiment a bit until you find a style you like, and then work on mastering it. From my experience, any style can beat another style in any given match; if used correctly.

TIP #1: If you're having trouble defeating one particular style, I suggest learning the moves of the opposing style to learn it's weaknesses as well as learn it's timing in between combos - which will give you the opportunity to strike,

TIP #2: If you're finding it difficult to beat a certain legend, and you're allowed to use a Two-Handed Trident, there is only one move you need to know; Down +http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p192/iZeRoHDx/TriangleButton_zps2d59e742.png / Down + http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p192/iZeRoHDx/YButton_zps38c8e97d.png. I've used this on Spartacus and barely got touched. It will move you in closer eventually, so make sure you roll away and then start it up again. It works wonders!


Let's get into choosing perks, armor, and weapons. Since there is a HUGE selection of all 3 of these categories, I'm going to give you a few pointers rather than an actual guide.

PERKS: CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF ALL PERKS! (http://spartacus.wikia.com/wiki/Spartacus_Legends) (Scroll Down)

I suggest looking at all of the perks and picking out which ones you want on your character before you start randomly accepting perks. I try to stray away from all fame perks and focus more on speed/damage. Then again, it really depends on your play style. So pick out what fits your style and keep grinding until you get the ones you want!

Here's my personal Top 10 favorite perks: (No specific order)

Bite of Cerberus - Critical Hits will cause the opponent to bleed 5% health over 5 seconds.
Doctore's Focus - Critical Hit Chance +15%. Critical Hit Damage +30%.
Hurried Butcher - +4% attack speed.
Ignore Pain - When your Gladiator is struck, you will have a 15% chance to knockback your opponent.
Jupiter's Luck - The Wrath of the Gods knows no end.
Jupiter's Might - +10% Damage.
Merciless - Defense will become unlimited when your opponent's health is low.
Slave's Confidence - Defense will become unlimited when Health is high.
Swift Sandals - +5% Movement Speed.
No Missio - Recover quickly after being knocked to the ground.

*KEY NOTE #1: The Jupiter's Luck perk doesn't have much of a description. What I've learned is that it gives you a +40% boost spread evenly throughout all of your stats. Thus, giving you a 40 point rating boost. I'm still not sure if this perk is worth having, but it's mystery description keeps me interested in it.

*KEY NOTE #2: If you take the time to look through the list of perks, you'll notice there is 3 perks called: Shroud of the Fallen I, Shroud of the Fallen II, and Shroud of the Fallen III. These perks are NO longer available as they were for a special event. Perhaps we'll see them re-introduced in the future, but as of right now, don't waste your time looking for them.

*TIP: If you plan on fighting unarmed, you're going want a perk called Fearless Fists since it increases your stats while fighting unarmed.

*ADDITIONAL INFO: To replace a perk with a previous perk costs 2 gold coins. - Perks are randomly generated upon winning a match, so just keep winning!


Stick to buying armor/weapons available for silver, until level 50.
Don't always buy the last one unlocked, check out the stats.
Focus less on the look of your gladiator and worry about stats.

There is quite a bit of stats to focus on while choosing weapons and armor. There is your standard Health, Defense, and Damage%, but there is also what I refer to as 'BONUS' stats that each weapon has. These include:

Critical Hit Chance
Pankration Damage
Damage Resistance
Roll Speed
Roll Efficiency
Dodge Efficiency
Weapon Speed
Move Speed
Defense Recovery
Defense Resistance

*NOTE: I've highlighted the main 2 I try to focus on. That's my personal taste but in the end it's your choice, and like I've said, find what suits your play-style.

*KEY NOTE: You'll notice that some weapons/armor will give you up to 5 of these so-called 'bonus' stats, but more isn't necessarily always better. You really have to pay attention to your other stats as well as they will decrease or increase with each selection. If you're hovering over a new set of armor or a new weapon you're thinking about buying, you'll notice that some stats will be colored in green, red, and some remain white. If they're colored in green, that means that stat will increase; if it's in red, that means that stat will decrease from your current selection of armor. If the color is white, that means it's neutral (remains the same as your previous selection).

TIP #1: If you have a slow but powerful gladiator, try to utilize armor/weapons that increase weapon speed or if you have a fast but weak gladiator, focus on increasing damage without ruining their mobility.

TIP #2: No matter what class you use, fast, slow, powerful, or weak... Damage Resistance is ALWAYS good to have.


I'll add more to this as I progress through the game, but I've had the same material written down on here for awhile now and I figure it'd be of more help if it were posted. Any input, or ideas to add would be appreciated! Enjoy!

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This is awesome. Thank you iZeRoHDx for putting this together.
Also thanks to DireHit, AIVengeance, and Viper187316 for providing some great information.


02-04-2014, 05:43 PM
Nice job putting all that together! Since you're talking about perks I must say that Resurrection doesn't work. I got rid of that perk yesterday and put Gladiator's Panacea instead. It doesn't work either. :(
This is according to my online experience I haven't tested them offline.

02-04-2014, 08:59 PM
I'm going to be editing this, as well as adding more information to this later on tomorrow. - Definitely going to be going in depth.

02-05-2014, 07:28 AM
Nice job putting all that together! Since you're talking about perks I must say that Resurrection doesn't work. I got rid of that perk yesterday and put Gladiator's Panacea instead. It doesn't work either. :(
This is according to my online experience I haven't tested them offline.

I'm not sure about the Resurrection perk, but I know for a fact Gladiator's Panacea works offline.

02-05-2014, 08:52 AM
Gladiator panacea doesn't work in multiplayer, but does in single player. I've seen other peeps report resurrection doesn't work online.

02-07-2014, 11:22 PM
Gladiator panacea doesn't work in multiplayer, but does in single player. I've seen other peeps report resurrection doesn't work online.

We are currently looking into several perks within our game.