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02-01-2014, 11:45 AM
I want the next AC game to be a benchmark like the first AC did. The most important thing they need to do is make some reasonable animation for enemies. Really when the enemy climb and jump after you in a chase they look silly monkey. And when you kill them they just drop down. To be honest the graphics and enemies animation is far better in AC 1 as compare to all of its followers. Couple of days ago I was playing AC 1 and I feel that it is graphically more advance then other AC games and when you stab the enemy on his head the animations are far better then the other games.


If Ubisoft want this franchise a long lasting one then they need to work hard. Releasing annual doesn't worth any thing if you give us unfinished and unpolished game. I am not against annual release infect I love this game to release every year. Ubisoft I am telling you in future lots of companies would make historical based games for example Cryteck's Ryse: Son of Rome . So if your AC is substandard as compare to them then I want to tell you that COD was not the first ever FPS but if it is leading this genre then it is because of Quality and Gameplay. So If you won't heed the words of your subscribers then the loss is your. We love the franchise but to be honest it is deteriorating. All you need a perfect story and an equal appealing game play.

And Ubisoft you know better that even after good reviews of AC IV the sale figure is disappointing. Why because I know lots of my friends who love AC were heavily disappointed by AC 3 and when they heard that AC IV is on pirates they didn't buy that game. I know 6 of my friends who didn't buy AC IV and you are thinking people would like to buy on next gen console. To be truth the next gen console is nearly three months old now and all of my friend have next gen console.