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01-31-2014, 01:36 AM
i own a sony 50inch TV that is capable of 1920x1080 interlaced 50 and 60 Hz and 1280x720 progressive 50 and 60 Hz.

However when i start Black Flag i can only choose 800x600 - 1024x768 and 1280x720 in the graphics settings.

i found the ini file in the documents folder of black flag and changed the resolution from 1280x720 to 1920x1080. it worked for 2 times, but now i tried it for 5 hours and it won't work anymore, started the pc several times, changed the desktop resolution to 1920x1080, tried 50 and 60 hz, but black flag always starts, sets my tv to 1080i mode, then suddenly down to 720p 60 Hz mode before the first screen shows up (before the opening credits).

i tried setting custom resolutions in nvidia drivers but it doesn't change anything. if i add a resized desktop resolution for 1100 x 600, it works and i can see the resolution in the black flag graphics settings (as it is a 720p resolution), but anything above 1280x720 won't show up in the settings like 1600x900 or 1920x1080.

i had the same problem with assassin's creed III, but the trick with setting 1920x1080 in the .ini file worked back then and i could override it (although the resolution never showed up in the graphics settings ingame).

well it seems black flag overrides my ini file settings when i start it and binds me to 720p.

does anyone know about this problem and how i can play in 1080i mode again (it worked for 2 times, so it's possible) ?

01-31-2014, 11:42 AM
Hi, How are you connecting?

If via HDMI - it should be able to play at 1080, if you are using VGA / DVI - it maybe an issue due to the TV not reporting the display options correctly - or that it's not capable of inputting 1920x1080 via VGA/DVI

The game should be able to output those resolutions - many use 1080 so its odd your game does not unless you have altered key ini files - or - the TV is blocking it.

You can try using Uplay to verify the files - by dropping the 'play' button down and selecting 'verify files'

If the issue continues - please do contact support: www.support.ubi.com

01-31-2014, 11:58 AM
Hi Mr Shade,

thanks for your reply.

i am connecting from my nvidia gtx 260-216 SLI at DVI Out to HDMI in on my Sony TV as the graphics cards only have DVI OUT.

in other Games i am able to choose 1920x1080 in the ingame video settings and the monitor reports 1920x1080 interlaced 50 Hz as native resolution and 60 Hz as possible resolution.

i asked nvidia for it and they told me to run dispdiag.exe, the results were fine, the Sony TV identifies itself correctly and shows all possible resolutions incl. 1080i 60 Hz.

i can change to that resolution in the nvidia control panel and in the windows display settings without problems.

is it possible, that the game does not support interlaced resolutions ?

01-31-2014, 12:33 PM
The game will just be using 1920x1080 - 1080i - is an HDMI reference - PC resolutions - work in a different format as you know, which was confusing myself.

The game 'should' work fine at 1920x1080 - since that is what I use.

if you have set 50hz in the control panel options for the main desktop resolution - you can try using 60hz, rather than 50hz [since you said the screen supports 60hz] - since it's possible it's interfering with the TV's scaler - since it's dropping it down.

Assuming your ini file is ok, it 'should' work - however since the TV is reporting 1080i - it looks like the TV may accept 1920x1080 - however it's going to rescale the image to it's native panel resolution - most 1080i only TV's are not native 1920x1080 panels, they are sometimes 1366x768 [for example] so the TV might have issues with something that's changed on the PC / ini / Settings

Personal side point: might be worth checking what your Tv's native panel resolution is - since if it's lower than 1920x1080 - you may be better off dropping all of your games to the screens native resolution - and - adding in AA - since if the TV is scaling, you will be losing detail.

- TLDR - try setting 60hz in the GPU screen settings and if that does not fix the issue, I am at a loss - and can only suggest support.

01-31-2014, 12:47 PM
Alternatively, you can add it by altering this file:

C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Documents\Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag\Assassin4.ini

search for the following lines at the top of the file and set them to to your resolution and refresh rate:


01-31-2014, 12:49 PM
very true :)

01-31-2014, 12:51 PM
i am always using 60 hz in the desktop resolution and in games.

the tv reports 1920x1080 interlaced 50 Hz as native resolution in the ini file and in the nvidia control panel, and i get a very sharp picture and no bluriness (good interlaced filter on the sony tv).

and yes the tv does scale down when i use 1920x1080, but the advantage of using 1080i mode in games for me is that i get more fps as interlaced only renders every second line of every frame, the second advantage is that by scaling down on the TV i get AA for free and finer lines/more details and don't have to turn it on ingame what results in more fps and less Aliasing (pixels on the screen) which is essential for Black Flag with a lot of Trees and Leaves and Vegetation that leaves a lot of pixels there in 1280x720 with FXAA on a 50 inch screen.

01-31-2014, 12:52 PM
@ YAZ_H:

that's what i wrote in my first post. i altered the ini settings and it worked for 2 times, but then i couldn't get it to work anymore for 5 hours and tried everything.

01-31-2014, 06:53 PM
i tried a different HDMI Cable (new quality one with 1.4) with the original Nvidia DVI->HDMI Adapter today, but nothing changed. it's still all the same.

i installed the latest beta drivers from nvidia, too, but it still doesn't work.

now i tried my other 32inch tv that is capable of 1080p mode, it works fine and black flag lets me select 1920x1080 in the ingame menu.

another thing i tried was hooking up my nvidia gtx to my onkyo home cinema amp on hdmi in and my 50 inch sony interlaced tv on hdmi out of the amp.

nvidia recognizes my onkyo amp now instead of the tv, but it sill gets the EDID from the sony tv over the amp with the same monitor EDID info i read out with moninfo.exe and black flag doesn't show 1920x1080 for selection.

can anyone help me out here how i can get black flag to show me 1920x1080 for the 50inch tv that is capable of 1920x1080 interlaced ?

or how to alter the monitor inf file so it maybe shows the right capabilities of the tv to the nvidia drivers and to black flag.

01-31-2014, 10:54 PM
@ YAZ_H:

that's what i wrote in my first post. i altered the ini settings and it worked for 2 times, but then i couldn't get it to work anymore for 5 hours and tried everything.

sorry didnt read the full post xD. anyway, did you try to set your ini file to read-only after modification? try that and revoke all access except for admin so the game wont overwrite it

another question, what Nvidia driver version you have and have you updated the driver recently when it stopped working?

01-31-2014, 11:28 PM
Yep I set the ini file to read only but black flag ignored it.
I am running the latest beta now and tried it with the latest whql until an hour ago.

I tried another trick. I unplugged the tv and started black flag blindly with 1920x1080 in the ini file an put the hdmi cable in again when the game started. Unlucky it changed to 720p immediately.
Then I went into video setting s blindly and got to choose 1920x1080 in-game. But when I changed to 1920x1080 the tv went to 720p and black Flag 1920x1080. So maybe the game is now rendering 1080p and my tv displays it scaled on 720p. Graphics seem better now. But performance lacks compared to 1080 interlaced (rendering is only 540 lines then and gives great fps).

Nvidia told me it's the game engine and a tv technician told me the game probably only supports progressive resolutions to choose from as many other games give me the opportunity to select 1920x1080 and my tv switches to 1080i60 then. Nvidia recommends me to talk to the game developer about that "bug".

02-02-2014, 03:30 PM
another idea: as the nvidia drivers report 30 Hz for interlaced mode instead of 60 Hz like my TV displays it (1080i60), could it be that Black FLag does not support Display Resolutions with Frequencies of 30 Hz and just 50 or 60 Hz or higher ?

12-28-2015, 06:00 PM
got the same problem still.. with 2 different new hardware pcs, one notebook with 760M and a new pc with 980 Ti, all new.
Syndicate won't let me select 1080 again, just 720p.

other games work fine.. it has to be related to the game engine either not supporting interlaced 30 fps (60 fields per second) resolutions or any resolution higher than the native LED/LCD Panel resolution, even if nvidia drivers support 1080i as native resolution (or set with CRU app as native).

there has to be a coder who knows the engine and can tell more.. i've tried for over 2 years to get ubi games running in 1080 fullscreen but i failed. nvidia says it's game engine related as other games work with 1080. that game engine would probably not rely on the nvidia driver info but question the hdmi signal directly that comes from the hdmi display to get it's real LCD/LED Display Resolution (720p) and use that as maximum possible resolution, maybe as an additional cap so people wouldn't be able to select higher resolutions and damage their display or game experience, even if their display is capable of 1080i with internal hardware display interlace filters.

i guess ubi coders used the wrong parameter of the monitor EDID INFO via HDMI (native LED resolution instead of maximum capable and native Display resolution)

i don't see me buying a new 50" 1080p Sony TV for 800 Euro soon just to be able to play Ubi Games in 1080 when all other games work fine and Display has a quality Screen and colors and very sharp interlacing Filter.

01-30-2016, 01:51 PM
i got a reply from ubisoft after some weeks.

The Final Reply of Ubisoft Support is that all Ubi Games don't support 1080i resolution and 1080i Owners have to use 720p resolution. They apologize if this is not a satisfying choice, but that's how it is. their games only support real native pixel resolutions of your display and not native 1080i resolutiosn your TV can display and nvidia drivers report as native resolution.

so yes. there we have it. i can play all other games on the market in 1920x1080 interlaced resolution with 60 different pictures per second (60 different fields per second = 30 frames in total pixels for that resolution, for games it means 60fps).

Only Ubisoft Games are not running in 1080i, i guess it's the uplay app that is preventing the games from letting me choose that resolution. in earlier uplay versions i was able to select that resolution and play the games. then, some years ago an update to the uplay app was applied and since then i can not choose 1080i resolutions in all ubisoft games anymore.

as you see, techincally it doesn't make sense and it would be quite possible for ubisoft to allow 1080i owners to play in 1920x1080 with 60fps just as i was able before that uplay patch, but ubisoft won't make it possible anymore for unknown reasons.

my guess is, they are in contact with big tv companies that wan't older hd ready (720p, 1080i) tv owners to buy new tvs.

newer tvs that don't support 1080p60 resolutions like 2 year old sony bravia 32" tvs do support 1080p30 though as the native display resolution is 1920x1080. the hardware in those smaller tvs is just not capable of displaying 60 fps in full hd resolution.

but interlaced formats for games are to be banned as i judge this decision from ubisoft, but still allowing 1080p30 tvs to be able to display their games in 1920x1080.

it's a really sad decision for a gameing company to make. i don't know if ubisoft receives money for making such a decision as banning 1080i resolutions for all their games, but it's not a satisfying one for 1080i tv owners (most of the display are > 50" from about 2008).

especially when all other games are running fine in 1080i60.

when using the CRU application, setting 1080i60 as native resolution in the monitor info and deleting 720p resolution i can even make the ubisoft games able to let me choose that 1920x1080 resolution from the graphics settings, but when applying that resolution all i get is a blank screen.

so again.. ubsoft does not care for their customers but more for reasons that don't apply to their customers at all.

if i want to be able to play ubisoft games in 1920x1080 resolution i guess i would have to buy a new sony 50" tv for 900 euro to replace my current one that is absolutely ok for me as the interlaced mode and filters work perfectly with that 1280x720 display, everything is very sharp compared to 720p.

i don't know if i really want to support such a company any longer just for boring assassins creed games and far crys that bore me after a few hours of gameply.

tomb raider is a good game, but playing it only in 720p ?

i guess this is the QUALITY that ubisoft presents their games to me and i must say: 720p resolution as the only choice to play with a 980ti and 6700k is not acceptable for me at all. i will pass on this game and on all future far cry and AC games (i don't see why i should spend so much money anymore on games that are boring me out)

sorry ubisoft, you just lost a very goood customer who bought all FC, AC, Splinter Cell games and more so far.

01-31-2016, 02:13 PM
Is the option to play in 1080p not available, I think my TV is only 1080i but AC Unity plays in 1080p.

I've got no idea about how this sort of thing works, I just hooked the TV up with a HDMI.:rolleyes:

Good luck on sorting it out.

01-31-2016, 11:17 PM
another idea: as the nvidia drivers report 30 Hz for interlaced mode instead of 60 Hz like my TV displays it (1080i60), could it be that Black FLag does not support Display Resolutions with Frequencies of 30 Hz and just 50 or 60 Hz or higher ?

I don't know if this will help you but I had a problem with Fallout 4 not letting me do 1080 and I saw someone mention this. I had my screen set for 150% for icon settings because it was easier to see on the TV from a distance, I changed it to 100% then I could select 1080. I since have changed it to 125% and I can still use 1920x1080. Hope this helps.