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01-31-2014, 12:03 AM
Hello World,

i play AC4 and it's the best game ever but i have some Problems.

I can't hear any shantys. When i press the button "3", the captain says:"sing a song", but nothing comes. In the gameoptions the Shantys Switch on/off, it stand "on" but i can't hear anything. The crew talks a lot, but no songs? What is wrong?

When i see on the screen on the top (left side) i can see my crew, how much members i have.
When i enter a ship, i lost a few (for example 1 or 2) members. When i win the fight, i become 3 or 5 new member but when i look on the top of the Screen, i missed my new members. i don't know the right words. Example: 40 crewmembers, in a fight you lost 2 members=38 members. You become 3 members when you win the fight. 38+3=40 (40 is the highest Limit). When you sail straight on, you have only 38 members? I see this Problem by the muntion. There is no correct Addition. Don't know the word.

I have the seasons pass and i look for the nine singleplayermission. Where start the missions? I can see three new Islands and some treasureboxes. Is that all or comes there something?

Must we have so many sails, steeringwheels and figures?
Some bigger playerships are much better or you can upgrade your home, ship (make it higher, bigger, more powerful...)upgrade your Island....delete the waste in the garden or leave the people in the sleepingroom. Good idea is the flying dutchman or something else.

I hope you can help me.

Greetings from Essen/Germany