View Full Version : [PS4] Help me make money

01-30-2014, 05:44 PM
I'm at a part of the game that is telling me I need to upgrade my ship so I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to do this quickley


01-30-2014, 06:22 PM
Use kenways fleet

01-30-2014, 09:47 PM
Royal Convoys(white ones), Kenways Fleet, and a lot of plundering of Man Of Wars. Sell sugar and Rum. Its the only way.

02-04-2014, 02:20 AM
Be a pirate. Get as rich as you can by plundering ships, raiding plantations, and selling stolen cargo... and by living a life of leisure as a gentleman of fortune.

This game is meant to be enjoyed. The story feels a lot more complete when you truly step into the shoes of an 18th century pirate. Notice how a character is always saying "when you're ready, meet me here," or, "in two months time, meet me in Charles Towne," etc. That's the hint to the player to go explore and have fun and make your own story part of the chronology.

02-12-2014, 01:40 AM
To be honest, you don't really need to upgrade the ship. Even though it tell you to, you're not obliged, and I did all the story missions without upgrading it (except for a few upgrades that were needed for specific memories), so my advice would be to just go and play the memories without upgrading it :P