View Full Version : Fortune Guard & Fortune Curse & More Fortune Ward & Fortune Crunch

01-30-2014, 05:24 AM
More Fortune Ward:
I would like to see Sanctuary get more Fortune Warded creatures. Less expensive ones then the Venerable Kappa, as well as maybe some more expensive ones.

Fortune Guard:
Maybe Haven could get something that gave them "Fortune Guard", similar to all their other guards. Maybe its a priest of some type, or a fortune that's a four leaf clover, horse shoe, rabbit's foot, holy water, or a holy cross or something. I think it should either be a creature, attach to a creature, or maybe be a building (holy ground)?

Fortune Curse:
I'd like to see Stronghold get something I'm calling "Fortune Curse" because I can't think of a better name right now. I'm thinking a witch of the woods, or Shaman-type creature (ranged) that every time an opponent plays a fortune they take one damage (or two, for a really high-cost and powerful type creature). Just a little pin-***** that happen to an opponent who's playing a lot of fortunes (like a control/tower of oblivion deck).

I'm picturing a little old lady, perhaps costing 1 resource, needing 1 force, 1 fortune, and 1 resource to deploy, has an attack and defense of zero and 2 hit points.

Obviously this creature wouldn't be very useful against most opponents, as it doesn't do anything but cause damage to someone playing fortunes. However, if one is able to deploy four of them it could be very painful to a player who's using a lot of fortunes to try and control the game. Also, even if a player is only able to deploy one of 'em, its something!

I don't think Academy or Inferno really need any more help against fortunes, and I wouldn't want to see fortunes completely Nerf'd into the ground... But since Prison is no longer strictly unique and I just spent an 21 minutes against a Prison Lock deck (and just almost beat him, but yet there was literally no way I could win)... It would have been nice to at least see some damage hitting the guy every time he played Campfire, Light House, and his other fortunes over and over, and over... while I had to wait for him to take his turns.

I'd like to add, I get that the game is somewhat Rock/Paper/Scissors, but I think the problem most people (including me) have with dueling against "Prison Lock" decks is that we literally feel like we're just waiting to die. There's nothing you can do against the deck, unless you happen to be playing a control deck yourself and then its still just a matter of luck. We / I understand that there is always an element of luck in a game like Duel of Champions, but we players would like to feel like our skill makes a difference. While playing against a Prison Lock deck, your options are to build a deck that beats that sometimes and then lose against everything else or play a deck that wins against most things but always loses against that... That doesn't seem like a very fair choice. I know I don't want to play 10 games and lose 9 only to play 1 against a Prison Lock and beat it (I've actually done that, it wasn't fun) or play 9 games and win, but always lose against a prison lock and feel like there was no skill involved in for either player but just the cards your opponent has. Because, let's face it... When you have the cards for a Prison Lock deck, its really a no brainier to win with it. I'm not saying you couldn't mess up, or that you'll always win (as I said, I can build a deck that beats it... that deck just also loses to everything else unless I get lucky).

Please, please take the boring out.

That's a large chunk of my argument for the reason why the above creature-types should be added to the game.

01-30-2014, 05:28 AM
Actually, I can sometimes win against a Prison Lock deck with my Sanctuary deck, and it also wins a lot of matches for me. I'm just tired of playing Sanctuary, and I don't see how other factions can beat it in this current meta. Also, there's a lot of luck in the sometimes winning against it. If I put enough cards in to boost my odds of winning against it, that's when the deck becomes difficult to beat anything else with.