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01-29-2014, 04:36 PM
I see a lot of people asking for Feudal Japan, but I think a slightly different approach would be better in-line with the AC franchise; the Ba***atsu (Baku-matsu), the end of the Edo period and the shogunate, the formation of the Meiji government.

It can start at or shortly before the arrival of the black ships commanded by Commodore Mathew Perry, who is actually a Templar. Their real interest in forcing Japan to open its ports is to seek out something belonging to the First Civilization and the assassins are trying to stop it, of course, but they also get caught up in the chaos of the revolution.

Early in the game, you can walk around armed to the teeth, just as we've become accustomed to. And then, the Sword Ban aimed at disarming the samurai happens and stealth becomes much more important. It's no longer practical (or safe) to be seen openly wearing a sword; the hidden blades, daggers, poisons, thrown weapons, rope darts, chain whips and the like all become the new weapons of choice because they're easier to conceal, in addition to unarmed combat.

The question is, when it comes to their involvement in the war, which side do the assassins take? Do they fight to preserve the traditions of the land that have endured for centuries or do they fight for the new government in the hope that all people will be equal in the Meiji? Perhaps the brotherhood is split and they end up taking arms against each other over what's best for the people. It may all boil down to how long the Assassin Order has been entrenched in Japan and the history they have with the shogunate.

The Templar's will still need to be dealt with, of course, and they need to play a much more prominent role than they did in 4 (nothing against 4; it's my favorite of the franchise now). Assassination is the main focus again and open warfare is a background thing.

And not all the Templar's are foreigners; there are homegrown members who seek to destabilize the country and government for their own selfish ends and to make it easier to find First Civilization artifacts. It is the Templar's who forced Japan to open its harbors and the Templar's who are driving the civil war raging across the country.

And our big-bad "brute" of the game? Of course we'll have them, but this time there's something worse; the smaller, more agile, and very deadly members of the Shinsengumi; no matter which side the assassins choose, it's almost a given that they will run afoul of the legendary Wolves of Mibu eventually (and yes, they were a real group, not a creation solely for manga).

I've always been a fan of the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin and it just hit me one day that the assassins would make perfect hitokiri, manslayers. The time period is ripe with material and plenty of people keep requesting samurai and ninja; the revolution would give them some of that, though perhaps not enough to satisfy some. Still, I find it a more interesting prospect than the traditional feudal Japan setting.

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