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01-26-2014, 04:34 PM
How about adding fame into the top five or ten finishers of a tournament and top 5% of season?This would keep the interest for those of us who cant no life it everyday to win the 100 gold. Usually in each tournament there is a highly ranked player with hundreds of wins while the the rest of the pool doesnt have a chance. Certainly the top player earns the gold for their effort but the incentive for the next level is significantly less. This would keep players more active during tournaments! Ranking up is a challenge but Instead of having people B & Complaining all the time, make them earn the fame through more effort. It is very difficult to reach level 50, however if it were easy then everyone would be a level 50. So what would be the point of rank? I like the difficulty but thought this may make the grind to 50 a little more achievable through hard work and effort.
Thanks for reading!

My idea for the rewards would look like this,

1- 100 gold
top 5- 4,000 fame?
top 10 -Title
Top 20- equipment rewards
Top 40- boost
top 60- emblem
top 80- coin

1%- 250 gold
1%- title
5%- 8,0000 fame?

01-27-2014, 05:02 AM
I like the idea, but id say just make it so that in your division for example top 1-5 or 1-3 get the 100 gold, cause it really hard to take when you come in 2nd by 100 points or less of 1st. I'd even go 1-10 for gold to spread the wealth but it would be giving too many peeps gold, and they need some sort of income

01-27-2014, 04:19 PM
Guys im all for the rewards being reworked a little. A bigger problem in need of more immediate attention is the QUITTING. Surely, the game knows who is the one the disconnects. So there has to be a way to punish these individuals. I beat this fool using SPARTACUS like 10 or 12 times but he keeps dashing either in the middle or right after i execute him. I could care less if you pussies wanna quit, free country. Just do it before the fight starts. Dont get knocked down one time, or wait for me to use an execution to do it. Or if your one of the pussies that thinks your hard, send me a WAGER FIGHT invite. We can see whats really going on... PSN handle same as my screen name get_kod_scrub