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01-25-2014, 12:47 PM
i just finished playing AC and AC II. Great games obviously. So I thought time for AC Brotherhood. Yes, I'm planning to play all 6 of them :D Should take me half a year? less?

Anyways, I'm already annoyed. We're gamers and PC gamers use W A S D or E S D F on their keyboard for navigation. So imagine my shock when I discovered that I can't use those to navigate through the menu. I repeat. The issue isn't the controls that allow me to move ETZIO but the controls that allow me to move through ANY MENU in the game.

I think it's cool that right clicking on almost any menu screen takes you back.


WHY OH WHY CAN'T I USE MY EXISTING CONTROLS TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE MENU??? The issue with using a mouse to navigate in AC and AC II is the fact that it was really sensitive. But I couldn't care any less since I can use W A S D or E S D F to move through the menu items. I press space to select a menu item and i press another button to go back/cancel. My hands, during the entire game, were always in the same position. One hand on the keyboard and another on the mouse. The area my hand on my keyboard covered never changed. In other words, the control I set in the control menu are the ONLY controls i need to use in this game!

But now in AC BROTHERHOOD I have to use the mouse and i have to use the ENTER button and I have to use END for zoom and BACKSPACE to go back. What nonsense is this???? I CAN'T EVEN PRESS TAB AGAIN TO EXIT THE MAP. NO I HAVE TO PRESS ESC. BS MAN. TAB TO ENTER THE MAP AND ESC TO LEAVE IT. REALLY?!?!

And if that wasn't enough, navigation through the map is crap. Again, in AC and AC II I could use ESDF to move through the map and when I decide on a target, I click on the target and press space to mark it. EASY. But now it's all gone to hell. Now I have to press and hold my mouse button to move through the map and when I'm near the target I want I have to slowly move the mouse while holding the button until the cursor is right on it and i release the mouse button and then press ENTER. I can't even click on any target just to get it's name unless i do all these steps. It's annoying.

Again what kind of nonsense is this? What were you people thinking? It was great for TWO GAMES. What made you change it???

Btw, thanx for using letters and mouse icons as a legend to know how to jump/grab/sprint etc. In the previous games it was icons that represented each move and at the beginning I was always confused about the images. For instance, i always forgot the diff between the icon that looked like a face with a + sign and the icon that had a face only.

Again, we're GAMERS. Actually forget that. Anyone that uses applications like PHOTOSHOP usually has their left hand plastered on the left side of the keyboard. A lot of the functions they use are usually in that area. It's something we're used to.

Please explain this. Better yet, please tell me if there's a way for me to change this. I looked at the controls menu and found nothing. Is there anything I can do????

01-26-2014, 01:17 AM
To be honest I'm not sure but I imagine you can map the keys. When I move from game to game I found the key changes a little awkward at first but as I'm lazy I just adapt and after a while it becomes easy.... The easiest way I guess is to use a gamepad, so you always configure them yourself to be the same (shame I can't use one... too hard for my huge thumbs ;))

01-26-2014, 03:58 AM
Trust me. With AC:3 and AC:4, you want the mouse. And AC:B is easily the most skippable in the series. It's an 8 hours advertisement for DLCs, MP, and props/action figures. If you're having too much frustration, don't feel too bad about ditching that one.

01-26-2014, 05:50 AM
game to game control changes i can understand. might be annoying but i totally understand it. actually i can't imagine it being a problem. any game requiring a mouse and keyboard will allow you to do anything you want while you play the game. considering we play a lot, we almost always choose that same set of keys for standard functions :D so even though I can't blame one company for having diff controls than another company, i can totally blame it for not following the standard. i'm going to think about getting a gamepad. why not :D

as for fatal, i never said no to mouse. if you recall, i complimented them on moving from icons to letters for moves on the screen. BUT navigating the menu is just wrong :D Come on, didn't you ever ask yourself why they changed it? I mean if i had to move my fingers a round a bit that's one thing but in this case, I have to move my hand. and that map navigation, man oh man! seriously hasn't anyone asked what they were thinking when they developed the game? :P

I don't know what DLC and MP means. But since you mentioned the estimated duration of the game, I have a question. First AC I finished. I went to every view point and helped every one in need. In AC II i did the viewpoints but only 2 or 3 assassin contracts in every map and a few other contracts/jobs/games in total. Now I told myself I wouldn't bother with anything except the plot and just finish it. Well now I'm at a loss -_- I blew up half the borgia towers and went to every viewpoint. And I'm building shops everywhere. This is taking too long.
SO should I focus on the ! icon and the lost memory icon? or will my performance actually be affected by how many borgia towers remain? I'm not even bothering with the eye icons. I'll just finish the game then look for them or just go to youtube to see the clips. I just want to finish the game :D

01-26-2014, 06:11 AM
Heads towards the ! icons, only. I don't believe Borgia Towers affect anything in the main sequences.

MP = Multiplayer.

DLC = Downloadable Contents AKA Pay money for more story and extra stuff.

01-27-2014, 12:29 PM
i did what u told me. i feel better. but honestly im also recruiting assassins :D it's really cool. i assume they're going to help me in the future not just to finish tasks. cuz if they dont and for example there's going to be a war between me and whoever and the game just generates these assassins then that's just plain silly :P

btw, i ondt always get 100% synch. is that bad?

01-27-2014, 01:16 PM
i did what u told me. i feel better. but honestly im also recruiting assassins :D it's really cool. i assume they're going to help me in the future not just to finish tasks. cuz if they dont and for example there's going to be a war between me and whoever and the game just generates these assassins then that's just plain silly :P

btw, i ondt always get 100% synch. is that bad?

No worries. You have a lot to catch up in the series.

01-29-2014, 11:07 AM
turns out the assassins did help in the last mission/sequence. i'm done with the game and have moved on to revelations. i started it last night. unfortunately controls are still the same. no flaming. just pointing it out :D BUT they seem to have increased mouse sensitivity. 3 AC games and i never touched the sensitivity controls. now I set x and y at 1 and it's still a bit fast. I DONT play with mouse contorls on my PC in case you wondered. So now I'm thinking maybe if I slowed the mouse via control panel then it'll b better in the game -_-

I'm not sure about how much of the games should be covered. Take brotherhood for example. to get them all u need to destroy borgia towers. the lost memory took me to leonardo where a mssion (question mark icon) completed the event where I finally was able to get my double blade back. I need the view points because without them some icons aren't displayed. Like codex pages in AC II. The tunnels in brotherhood are a must unless i want to waste a lot of time even if i had a horse and it was always an empty straight path to my destination. and you do need a blacksmith and bank and doctor everywhere you go. you need to spend money to make money after all. so wouldnt u agree that I need to cover at least half the icons in the map? :D
Even in AC I, it was only near the end that i realized that the reason why I was helping those ppl in distress was because that if i was under attack near that area, they would help me by holding down the soldiers. not very practical as they're not really everywhere but it still helps.
wouldnt you agree?

by catching up you mean that between brotherhood and blackflag, a million things will happen right? u werent talking about events within brotherhood itself ya?