View Full Version : How to deal with Crashes in Tournament Play

01-24-2014, 01:51 PM
Hi guys,

I'm currently scheduled to be taking part in the Team League as well as Uraxor's Beat the Jack.

I'm currently experiencing game crashes on a regular basis (not often, but maybe on average 1x a day). I've seen many people complain about the same one as well (with the Claw Crash Log generated, etc.) It's been around for a long time with no sign of a fix.

Now I can deal with this for regular or JP games, maybe even a swiss, but what about when everything is on the line in a big tournament?

@Organisers: I think before the tournaments start you should have clear guidelines for what occurs when a crash happens midgame. (Obviously screenshots to prove the crash to prevent pluggers etc.)

@Ubisoft: Any chance of a fix? It's going to be bad for the game if some top level matches end up being decided by game crashes...

01-31-2014, 03:09 PM
i had a lot of crashes, but after moving to steam client and running the game from there i hardly ever encounter any bugs, try it.

01-31-2014, 03:17 PM
For the Team League:

In the event of the crash, players are instructed to continue to play the series as if the crash game never occurred and to submit the replays of the crashed game to the Administration, along with all other replays required to be submitted.

If a win for the non-crashing player would change the outcome of the match, the administration will review the replays.

In the event that the non-crashing player had a clear, distinguishable advantage, the non-crashing player will be awarded a win for the crashed game. This decision will be made solely by the Admins, who may or may not request assistance from outside sources.

In the even that the game was currently unable to be determined, or the non-crashing player was at a disadvantage, the crashed game will be considered a null game and the results will be determined based on the additional games played after the crash.