View Full Version : PS3 [PS3] Disconnection problems for ps3 ac4 multiplayer. FIX PLEASE.

01-22-2014, 09:20 PM
Okay, For starters I love assassins creed. The quality of the game is superb than any other i've every played and i love the originality it has within the game itself. I am a very experienced player, which means im not the best by any means. Anyways, As i enjoy playing with my clan mates, I seem to get either disconnected alot between them, Even with a ps3 signal strength signal of 100 percent as well as NAT Type 2. My clan mates as well have extremely well connection, But is always frustrated by the fact that they get dcd because of the poor servers. Ubisoft, You made pirates look great in assassin's creed 4 black flag. I'm pretty sure you can improve the quality of the servers so that gamers such as myself wouldn't have to be complaining on these forums. Please take my thought into consideration and fix the servers. For me honestly, An update to the servers would be just fine for me to resolve the disconnection problems we ''Assassins'' and ''Templars'' face everyday. Thank you for reading and please take this into your consideration to improve the animus experience for gamers world wide. Also, I'd really like to see some support for once. Ubisoft, Don't just skim through the forums and not give a flying hoot about us gamers of your community. I'd really appreciate it if you guys keep your promises and resolve the issues for once. ''Attempting'' to fix issues is an attempt to long for you guys. I understand there are a lot of faults in the multiplayer experience, But please show some improvement. Best regards, AlbanianFamily. :(

01-24-2014, 11:02 PM
Your words are falling on deaf ears. Ubisoft has your money already..... :(