View Full Version : M&MXL on PS Vita?

01-21-2014, 12:55 AM
Hi guys!

I'm new here, as I haven't heard about this game earlier, but I fell in love with its idea the moment I saw it, as I'm an older gamer who remembers the good ol' M&Ms :)

I came here first to ask you if there is a chance Ubi brings this game to PS Vita? The Unity Engine has been recently ported to Vita, so it wouldn't really cost much and Vita sure is more than capable of running this type of gameplay. This move would give the PC gamers some awesome new possibilities, the best thing being cross save. Just imagine playing on PC at home, uploading the save and continuing your game on the go on Vita! Just how awesome is that? This system is already announced for Football Manager, but would work even better with M&M. Also there is not a single wRPG on the console, so they game would have the potential to move quite a couple copies :) In fact M&M Heroes could benefit from such a port as well.

So, do you think it's an option? Would it run well and would you be interested in playing M&MXL on the go? Do you know who (and how) we should get interested in this topic in order to make it real?

01-21-2014, 03:45 AM
While that would be great I don't think they've said anything about any console ports at all so far. Hell they can't even release a boxed pc version to every region, imagine the nightmare of trying to do console ports. Would be neat if they tried it down the road, I'd love to play a M&M game on 3ds or vita on the go.

01-28-2014, 06:14 AM
They could just stick to a PSN release on Vita if they have to for all I care ;) The thing is - I think this gameplay is perfect for a handheld and the fact Sony allows for cross-save with PC versions of games just makes it that much better! I know devs should focus on finishing the game first (duh!) and getting to the port when it's running and they got rid of bugs, but I'd love it if they decided to make such a port. This game would be perfect on the go. And I want to play a wRPG on Vita so much :P The port shouldn't really be a nightmare, the Unity Engine has been ported to Vita recently, so it should actually be quite an easy job and shouldn't take a lot of time.
I'm happy nobody is being negative about it and that somebody else is also exticed about the idea :) Hope Ubi goes for it!