View Full Version : MP connects, but SP dont???

01-20-2014, 10:51 PM
I can't connect to the servers in single player mode.
But when I switch to multi player it works just fine??

I'm really starting to get seriously pissed off at UBI. I have like 8-10 games in uplay. Only 2 works online!!! Blacklist and Rayman. Ok, 2.5 games with AC4 MP working.
This is horrible. I hate UPLAY DRM.

But pls. Prove me wrong. Anyone have a solution? I am not behind a modem or router. I have a cable from my wall to my PC with 100mb/s fiber line connection. EVERY GAME in Origin and Steam works just fine. The only games that give me **** is UBI games. This cannot be a coincidence.

Games that don't work online AT ALL.

Farcry 3 and Blood dragon
Ghost Recon Future soldier (Worked first few months. Now it never connects. Have the same broadband I had then. But sure. Must be ports. Can't be that UPLAY is broken.)
Splinter Cell Conviction (worked for a while when they gave away free copies with Blacklist pre purchase, was probably just a coincidence that it started to work just then. YEAH RIGHT!!!!
AC3 (I have a season pass that I cannot redeem because of this mess!)
AC2 Revelations has never worked online.
Trials Gold Evolution

This is not just me. I bet UBI has lost MANY customers to this.
Eagerly anticipating Watchdogs. But if not even a new game like AC4 works properly why bother??
Tunngle will probably work if need be.

01-21-2014, 12:10 AM
My old "Change the uplay password trick" did the trick (pun intended)
Now the game connected in SP too. Got to experience kenways fleet for the first time.
Now I must see if it works 2 times iŽn a row and if so. Try Farcry and Trials as well.

Fix this UBI.

I really like your games, it is teh DRM I cant stand.