View Full Version : @UBISOFT And Gamers Concerning Low Frames.

01-20-2014, 06:03 AM
Ok so i am rather dissapointed.

Basically i just installed this game and set up some settings....I have a Gtx 780 ti SC edition.
Physics Kills my card...so i have to leave them off....i drop like 10-15 frames with physics on low-high...
I Monitor my gpu usage with Msi Afterburner,And my Processor with Task Manager......My settings my gpu usage floats around 80% Yet i noticed my frames drop...So my cpu core 1 is maxed and core 4 is maxed....core 2 and 3 are mid way.... W T F?.....Something to do with 64 bit or some other nonsense? Please fix!.

2ndly, I used adaptive in nvidia control panel, i had bad screen tearing but i stayed around 63fps. i use a 120hz screen....i switched to v-sync on in nvidia control panel, and game vsync on....useless...i walk into havanna and i drop to 40ish frames.....Gpu useage is fine...Cpu Usage fine. I since basically had to reasearch how to use your game i paid for properly....

Download D3doverridder,Use V-sync on Nvidia control panel in game with trip buffering on, Turn on D3dOverrider for AC4 Application,force v-sync and Force trip buffering.
Turn Game V-sync on....Turn my monitor to 60hz...walk into havanna,same spot...i got perfect frames.... W T F Guys...so much bull crap to enjoy your new flag ship game.... FIX THIS CRAP SOON. Send feed back to <email address removed> Thank YOU!:confused:

01-20-2014, 01:04 PM
welcome to the world of AC, all AC games are bad console ports and not optimized at all for PC excluding AC2 and ACB, total utilization of CPU is 2 cores, physx kill performance although its just smoke and nothing more, so its better to be on low or completely off.

rest assured its not your PC, with your graphics card you should be able to run this game maxed out sustaining 60 FPS.

Anyway, Forcing Triple buffering in Nvidia Control panel only affects OpenGL games so its useless for this game as its D3D, and setting V-Sync within the game will lock it at 30 FPS and no triple buffering support as well, so what you did with D3DOverrider is the correct solution to force Triple Buffering with V-Sync and break 30 FPS lock.

you will get massive FPS drops here and there but this is pretty normal outcome from unoptimized console port and NO its not going to be fixed as the problem resides in game's engine "AnvilNext" which needs to be revamped and fully utilize your hardware and its not going to happen unless Ubisoft DUMPED old gen consoles and focused on next-gen and PC.