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01-20-2014, 04:29 AM
We all have our reasons for favoring one game over the other. Sometimes they're personal reasons, sometimes it's just about preferences. What one person sees as the game's weakness may be seen as a strength by someone else. So let's not have this thread derailed by "you're wrong because the combat/story/protagonist in that game was awesome!" etc.

What are your least favorite aspects of your favorite AC game(s)?

My two favorites are ACB and AC1.


-Unskippable cut scenes make replaying missions kind of a chore. I love the dialogue in this game, but damn, Al Mualim will talk your ears off.

-Lack of interaction with any NPCs. I don't miss being able to buy stuff in shops, but it would at least be nice to have contextual animations when you're standing in line with other shoppers, or be able to do something about the annoying beggars besides punching them and sending them crying for the guards.

-Vague notoriety system/indicator. Soldiers in the Kingdom are always automatically suspicious of you for some reason, and if you so much as dare to ride your horse at a slightly faster pace, they will somehow know you're an assassin and sound the alert. In cities the eye indicator is often yellow, meaning you're being watched, but it's not always clear who has a line of sight to you.

-Nothing to do in freeroam after saving all the citizens.


-The cartooniest villains in the series by far. I can live with the others (I actually like Cesare and Lucrezia), but the French Baron was so over-the-top he got on my nerves. "Haw haw haw! You muzt learn to speak le French!"

-Ezio's overpoweredness. As I mentioned in another thread, I never buy the crossbow upon replays, it makes the game way too easy. Even then you still have the poison darts, hidden gun and a practically endless supply of throwing knives and smoke bombs. Oh, and medicine.

-The fact that it's literally impossible to die in battle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Racru_cmFnk).

-Some of the full sync restrictions are too limiting.

-Armor of Brutus. Seriously, that POS is so ugly I always collect the scrolls and then deliberately avoid unlocking the armor.

01-20-2014, 04:48 AM
-The fact that it's literally impossible to die in battle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Racru_cmFnk).

To be fair, those are low skill enemies. But yes, the enemy AI was really bad in that game, and actually every Assassin's Creed game. The health system in the Ezio games was honestly too forgiving, for all their promises of making it more difficult than Assassin's Creed 1. The only real chance of dying came from brutes, spearmen or soldiers somehow cornering you and hitting you quickly with all their strikes.

01-20-2014, 04:52 AM
My favorite is AC4. What I dislike:

-- The absurd amount of tailing missions. A few are okay and they can actually be pretty fun (siege of Charlestowne) but lord jaysus there was a lot of them. Far too tedious.

-- I don't like how much small, similar looking islands there. I would have preferred more major locations and lusher, less linear jungles rather than 50 odd little islands. I think they got a little too fixated on the 75 locations thing.

-- Way too many collectibles - it gets to a point where it's a chore and you don't care how beautiful the game is.

-- Kenway's fleet. Tedious and mind numbing crap - not to mention each mission can take nearly a day. The fact that an online only feature was required for 100% synch in the single-player is frustrating especially since Kenway's fleet is such a dull feature and it takes agessssss to get the last buried chest.

-- Social events. I'll leave this to your imagination lol

01-20-2014, 05:05 AM
Assassins Creed 3
Character Development.
We spent so much time with Connor before he was a badass Assassin...
These sequences should've been focused on connors personal life (meaning FEELINGS) instead of 'this is how connor grew up to be a bad ***, he was pro at hide and seek and saving fat kids from drowning'

01-20-2014, 05:22 AM
AC I: No side activities, I HATE that.
AC III Mediocre platforming levels, BAD mission design and NO background music during free roam.
AC IV No platforming levels, boring antagonists and La Habana being almost not used.

Gra Varg
01-20-2014, 05:55 AM
I wish that AC 2 & ACB had tougher enemies or at least an unlockable "hard" mode. Also recruiting assassins
in ACB got tedious. AC 1 could have used more variety, I loved the assassinations but getting the information was
the same in each city. Oh how I wish Altiar could swim!

01-20-2014, 07:45 AM

Audio bugs: Rain? ohhhh wait, you can just SEE the rain :| hear it?? that's so 5 minutes ago -_- nothing is worse or more immersion breaking than the sounds of your boots going off, or the inside of a cave sounding exactly like it's outside with no echo, or being deaf to rain.

Tailing missions: There was just too much of them. I enjoyed them a lot, but they sometimes hindered my want of replying a certain memory because SURPRISE, it has tailing in it.

Lack of SOCIAL stealth: My favorite Assassination missions are Majd-addin's, Aboulnoqood's, Marco Barbarigo's, Woodes Rogers' and the fat man from Brotherhood. what do these have in common? Parties, executions, gatherings...PEOPLE. AC IV had the best implementation of regular stealth. stalking zones, hiding spots, corners..etc, but completely neglected social stealth, which is a shame.

Combat: I don't know what happens when they make a new combat system. AC I's combat was so smooth and responsive. the animations were amazing and fast, then came AC II and it became clunky and slow. ACB introduced the streaks and it was easy as F***, but it was responsive, cool and smooth. then ACR made it sooo laggy and slow with the addition of new, long..too long, kill animations.
AC IV is the same way. after introducing a new system in AC III, that was smooth, fast and responsive, they did the same mistake with ACR. they added flashy kill animations that are so slow and make the combat unresponsive. I can understand the narrative reason for adding such animations, but it makes no sense gameplay-wise.

Since you posted about AC I, I'll just post about AC III.


The horrible mission design: AC III had some of the best missions in the series and the worst ones...missions like the battle of concord, Battle of Monmouth, Haytham's Assassination mission and midnight ride were examples of how NOT to do an AC mission. they were linear, used the worst mechanics in the game (horse) and completely stripped the player of ALL freedom. they were cinematic hotspots that had no business being in a game like AC with such abundance.

Side missions: again, AC III had some of the best side missions and some of the worst in the series. Half side missions like Assassinations, courier and delivery missions. They felt like left overs. they didnt know what to do with them, so they just left them there. no context, no story and no satisfaction upon completion.

Story focus: I HATED the fact that the story was "American Revolution the game featuring Connor and the Assassins" instead of Connor being the actual star of this game. the story contrived so many chances for protagonist development or advancing relationships in favor of the events of the American Revolution or the appearance of a completely irrelevant historical character that we never see again after this one scene.

Lack of ambient music: Nuff said

01-20-2014, 08:12 AM
"DESYNCHRONIZED: You have been detected"


01-20-2014, 11:06 AM
AC III the horse is an idiot at times.
Wii U must have looked better though, mission wise. Little complaint. Although as with most you have these bodies stuck in buildings by half.
AC IV: Less story, more world. The best stuff was out of story. I could not believe what Edward could climb and couldn't.
Things like golden boy, yeesh. Minigames? Who cares?
In general the worst were dlc, but I am not plagued with that in IV on my system.
Why do worse gun/swords get unlocked by community events or uplay points?

I do not like either for making it mandatory to do anything for full sync without out desyncing you for not doing it. It'd be rewriting the past.

Hated the office job thing. Black Bart could have looked less like me.

01-20-2014, 03:07 PM
"DESYNCHRONIZED: You have been detected"


Definitely this!

01-20-2014, 04:30 PM
In AC2, they made it too easy to escape the guards and messed up the combat.

01-20-2014, 05:15 PM
My favorites being AC2 and AC4...


-Terrible combat. I wasn't a huge fan of AC1's combat either, but at least it was slightly more engaging and aggressive than that of its sequel. AC2 was the worst offender in the series for "turtle" combat, just blocking and counter-killing until everyone was dead.

-Beat-up missions. Not only were they random and out of place for an Assassin game, they made Ezio seem like a hypocrite for beating up philandering husbands while he himself was chasing tail all over Italy.

-Cheesy villains. Not nearly as bad as ACB on this front, but the Templars were definitely a step down from those of AC1.

-Crappy textures. The graphics in general were a downgrade from AC1.

-Music glitches. Not sure if this was widespread, but I had a glitch where the music wouldn't load when I booted up the game, not even in the white room loading screen with Desmond when you first turn it on.


-Too many tailing missions. They're good in moderation, but it seemed like they were all over the damn place in AC4.

-Again, combat. Worse than AC3's, and combat was actually one of the few things AC3 nailed IMO.

-Bad audio mixing and sync. Sound effects frequently don't match up with the animations, the rain effects suck, as M said, and Anne Bonney's quartermaster dialogue is largely inaudible.

-Anything with "social" or "community" in the name.

01-20-2014, 06:37 PM
-Music glitches. Not sure if this was widespread, but I had a glitch where the music wouldn't load when I booted up the game, not even in the white room loading screen with Desmond when you first turn it on.

I love "Venice Rooftops", but for some reason it often glitches out during races, in the sense that it either doesn't start playing at all (it's just the regular freeroam music or nothing at all) or it briefly starts up AFTER I've beaten the race, then immediately fades out again. Sometimes it'll work the first time I attempt the race, but if I have to restart, the music is gone.

01-20-2014, 07:08 PM
AC1: You must hide in a haystack or a roof thing to escape, the second is only 1 kind of group to be blended with, third no air assassinations.
ACB: AC2 you follow a guy all time and the next game he gets stabbed in the back with food. (didn't like the story, seemed too simple)
ACR: glitchy combat, sometimes not countering or blocking
AC3: No double silent assassinations.
AC4: Upgrading hull armor makes the ship look ugly and metallic, I rather like it wood but same time like to destroy galleons. glitchy combat too.

01-20-2014, 07:44 PM
My favourite would definitely be AC4, but there are things that bug me:

- Wayyy too many tailing missions. It's okay if there's only a couple of them but damn this is too much. (I enjoyed the Charlestown one though)

- The islands such as fishing villages are all quite similar, they don't really vary.

- The cities are quite small. I do like the cities, but they're not big enough for me. I like maps the size of Boston and New York in AC3.

- Grenadiers. They're really annoying since they just ruin the flow of the combat.

I think that's it.

01-20-2014, 10:13 PM
Two more things I'd like to add about AC IV.

- Weather transitions: The wind in AC IV is pretty nice. it's not real time (I think), it's a set animation. it makes trees, grass and general vegetation look gorgeous in storms and it gives the feeling that this really is a storm. The thing is, though...between the start of said storm and before it...there's nothing. like...there's no slow climax...different speeds of wind. It's exactly like this

Sunny, calm tree *turn switch*

stormy, rain

there's no transition. no "calm before the storm" it's just an off and on switch. there're no levels of rain like in AC III.

- Water Shaders: The water looks gorgeous and is accurate to the color of the Caribbean sea. they react so realistically to winds and storms. My 2 major problems with the water are first, its interaction with foreign models like Edward and the fact that it has no ebb and flow on beaches.
this gif would probably make the first problem I have clearer
Do you see how there's no line visible between Edward and the water? it feels like he's floating above the water rather than submerged in it.

01-21-2014, 01:14 AM

Lack of side content/empty world. I absolutely adore this game, it was the first I had bought on my PS3 and holds great sentimental value. But one thing which greatly frustrates me about it is how little there is to do outside of the main path. After spending a great deal of resources and time in crafting such a beautifully immersive world with (at the time) remarkable visual fidelity, it's deeply saddening that the devs didn't have time to develop or refine enough content to fill it up with. Such content would have profoundly furthered its longevity, and potentially eradicated the criticisms surrounding its repetitiveness.

Which brings me on to mission variety. Although I didn't find AC1 to be repetitive during any of my playthroughs (contrary to popular opinion), I would like to have seen greater mission variety. Eavesdropping on a bench isn't exactly the most riveting form of mission design when you're supposed to be a master assassin, nor is collecting a bunch of flags in a given time limit in exchange for information otherwise obtainable through just threat/pummelling the crap out of someone.

Philip Shahbaz not being able to utilise his voice acting skills to the optimum is something else that irks me. The fact that they had originally planned for Altair to have an authentic middle eastern accent, but backtracked on this decision to avoid stirring controversy is utterly bemusing - considering they saw something as small and virtually inconsequential as an accent to be capable of causing greater offence than the narrative/events of the game itself. Not to mention that every other period character in the game had an accent, which made that excuse even more nonsensical.


I loved AC1's combat system, it was brutal, fairly realistic looking, and satisfying. AC2's however, sorely lacked the flair of AC1's, the intense feeling of satisfaction after successfully dispatching a group of guards, coupled with those fantastic sound and blood effects was something AC2 failed to replicate, it felt watered down in spite of the fact that it had a ton of brand new flashy animations and weapons. AC2's iteration was essentially the aborted foetus of AC1's combat.

I also felt the visuals were a huge downgrade, it is arguably the ugliest game in the franchise, I suppose day/night cycles come at the expense of fantastic lighting. AC1 looked, and to this day still looks incredible. Despite the fact that textures look quite primitive close up, the overall appearance of the game is incredibly realistic, once again something which AC2 failed to replicate. AC2's world looked cartoony, distant objects and textures looked blurred, and that ghastly blue filter cast over Venice is one of the most contemptible 'creative' choices ever made in the series, especially after seeing how beautiful the unadulterated version looked in screenshots.

I think that's everything.

EDIT: completely forgot to mention lack of moral ambiguity.