View Full Version : how to get back to skipped side quests

01-20-2014, 01:19 AM
How do I get back to skipped side quests? When I was on the pirate island, and was taken through the tunnels by the other pirate that appears to be a woman but is hidding it (can't remember the name). There were two quests, one around the monoliths where I solved a puzzle, something about gather some type of item so I could then get better clothes, the other was in the house of the Templar I just killed on his ship and it involved killing the Templar operatives on other islands that were part of some master plan. I want to do those side quests now, and I don't see a way to get back to them.

Sorry about being vague, but I don't remember the names, and am a hapless noob!

01-20-2014, 11:37 PM
You need to go to the starting point for the Templar quests to begin each of those quests. I don't remember exactly which islands those are on, but sometimes knowing what to look for is half the battle.

As for the Mayan costume, go back to Tulum and into the underground chamber that you were shown to collect it once you have all of the Mayan keys.