View Full Version : hoping for a different assassins online experience in 2014

01-19-2014, 05:16 AM
if you guys like the current experience that's cool. Personally i think the animus takes me completely out of the emersion online. I honestly thought they would ditch the whole animus thing after the rediculous ending of AC3.

what i hope for in multiplayer.

1. An assassin like the one in single player, I want multiple weapons, I want to see all my weapons I want to be able to use a nice menu system like single player to switch between them, and take people out online the way I want to. Playing as an assassin with 1 or 2 ways of killing someone is pretty boring online imo.

2. don't like seeing mulitple copies of characters, I know it's suppose to help you hide, but why can't we just have the classic Red vs Blue. You are hunting another gang of assassins you find them you kill them, or you engage in combat if you fail to assassinate them, I love the sword play in AC singleplayer I don't understand why we can't have that in multiplayer.

3. remove the animus and please just give us an experience in different time periods. No one buys assassins creed because they can't wait to sit through more animus stuff. THEY BUY IT TO PLAY AS AN ASSASSIN IN A DIFFERENT TIME PERIOD WITH NEW WEAPONS AND A NEW STORY! (sorry for caps but I really feel strongly about that so i put it in caps). I don't like seeing animus boundaries in multiplayer it just takes me out the experience i don't like it. Why can't i just be in a village and the gates are close so you can't leave? why do i need to see a glass boundary to take me out of the experience? I don't like all the outline and the grid stuff when you hiding it's all just to much stuff going on, it's hard to enjoy being a cool assassin in this time period when you constantly reminded your playing a video game.

4. use battlefield for a template. In battle field that have vehicles and 2 teams there are indicators of enemy combatants from far away, heck there is even under water breathing and it controls like assassins creed! I don't understand why we can't just have 2 clans red and blue go at it in a city as we take over the map. think about it. both clans start on different sides unlocking view point and expanding the map and the goal is to find the other teams assassin hide out and kill there npc/player leader.

Sorry i know it's all over the place but i literallly have no complaints about the single player except that they took out horses, i really miss having horses in single player.

Please don't release the same multiplayer next year. I am pretty sure it's not the reason people buy assassins creed so clearly there is room for improvement.

01-19-2014, 05:23 AM
∆∆∆∆∆∆This!I miss horses too:-[ :'(