View Full Version : when will they get it right

01-18-2014, 10:15 PM
with all the recent problems with gta 5 ( I know not ubisoft) and all the connection problems with far cry 3,assasians creed black flag ect ect. When will the game companys get it right? After the horrible job ubi did with the entire multiplayer system on fc3 and the way the ruined the map editor I said I would never get another ubi game. Well I was told I got to get black flag its great. The single player is ok but the multy is just stupid to hars to find a game,to play with friends servers shutting down all the time just like fc3. Tried to play just a little bit ago for the 2xp weekend cant even get on. Shut the servers down shut the game down when if ever will game companys get it right? They say they want feedback for games they never listend from fc2 to fc3 or they would not have taken away all the good parts of fc2,hell more people play fc2 right now than fc3. I don't know sorry just a rant

01-18-2014, 10:26 PM
My only complaint with AC4 is the random disconnects that happen in mp all the time. Its not my connection. As far as Far Cry 3 goes. I never had any problems. Usually Ubi is on top of their games.