View Full Version : Suggestions: World map buildings

01-18-2014, 01:28 AM
Hey developers! :D

I think that the current game has an incredible potential for improvement that can be attained by simply borrowing elements from the original HOMMV
Here is a description of four buildings based on HOMM I thought of that could make the gameplay more interesting:

Boosts hero movement speed of the player who owns the stables.

Seer Hut
Reduces spell cooldown for some rare resources or free.
e.g. If you/alliance controls the hut for 7+ days, you can reset the spell cooldown for two spells for free daily, if not, you have to pay up :/

Refugee Camp
Lets the player recruit random units daily for some rare resources

Eye of the Magi
Lets the owner see everything inside one particular region as if you were its owner for free (allied player) or for some rare resources (enemy player).
Eye of the Magi could be implemented in a variety of ways, for example:
To see inside of an enemy region, you must first gain control of an world building, then your hero must build another Eye of the Magi inside the enemy region (the hero must be of a ranger class), and finally, you can pay 2 rare resources to be able to use the Eye.
If the enemy builds or upgrades a structure, you need to pay 4 resources, then 8, and then 16 for each new structure respectively.

Thanks for reading!