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It's just ideas that I came out with for fun.

settings I came out with is East Asia (China Japan Korea Mongolia)

1. The Seven Year Wars / Imjin Wars also called the Japanese Invasion of Korea.
"The War of the Three Eastern Kingdoms"

「A war that occured in 1592 to 1599. Set after the unification of Japan under one banner. The Japanese Army under Templar Toyotomi Hideyoshi launches an invasion against Korea to collect the Pieces of Eden spread across the lands, and take over the path to China. The Korean Assassins and Army, in order to safeguard the people and lands fight back. They also bring along their Ming Chinese allies unaware of their 'other purposes' to reduce the numbers of the overwhelming Japanese Army in their land.」

【Hanyang】 'Capital of Joseon Korea'
【Fort Haengju】 The Small Fort in Central Korea
【Jinju Castle】 The Siege of Jinju
【Pyeongyang】 The Liberation of Pyeongyang
【Southern Regions】, the Righteous Army's field

【Korean Factions】
-The Joseon Brotherhood
-The Joseon Army
-The Righteous Army (Korean Militias)
【Japanese Factions】
-The Japanese Army
-The Feudal Remnants (Jpnese Ninja guys)
【Chinese Factions】
-The Ming Army
-The Chinese Brotherhood

<Notable Persons from this Period>
【Toyotomi Hideyoshi】
The Emperor of Japan
【Yi Sun Shin】
The Admiral of the Korean Navy

2. Early 20th Century China Japan Korea
"Rest in Peace, Jap."

「The age when the Empire of Japan under templar influence swarmed the Asian continent with overwhelming power.
Major notable events include the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Occupation of Korea. This is the period when numerous, unnamed Korean and Chinese Assassins sacrificed themselves to the cause of peace by freedom.」

「P.s. There were real, numerous assassins and assassin organizations in this era, particularly in Korea. Ahn Jung Gun, Kang Woo Gyoo, Kim Sang Ok, Na Chol, Jang In Hwan, Jeon Myeong Hoon, Kim Goo, Yoon Bong Gil, Lee Bong Chang and hundreds of more. The Koreans would form Assassin organization (5-Traitor Assassination Group, Korean Patriotic Group, The Noble Men I can't find the english names for these etc ), groups to assassinate their Japanese targets. Even Japan's first Prime Mininster Ito Hirobuni was assassinated by a Korean Fighter. 」

【Gyeongsong】 - Capital of Japanese Korea. Korean Assassins will take part in this area. The Korean Brotherhood will take out Japanese Templars but also Korean Traitors such as Lee Wan Yong.
【Shanghai】 - The place where the Massacre of Nanking occurred. Chinese Assassins will take part. The German Assassin John Rabe disguised as a Nazi Party member will assist the Chinese Brotherhood in secrecy. The player will play as a Chinese Assassin and evacuate Nanking Citizens to the safety zone in John Rabe's House. They will also engage Japanese. Templars and Chinese Traitors here.
【Tokyo】 - Area where Korean Assassins will f*** Japanese Templars into mince meat. The last mission in Tokyo is to take out the Japanese Emperor (though it fails).

- The Chinese Brotherhood
- The Chinese Kuomintang Party
- The Chinese Communist Part
- The Chinese Army
- The Korean Brotherhood
- The Righteous Army
- The Independant Army of Korea
- Resistance Fighters
- The Imperial Japanese Army
- The Manchokuo Army
- The Korean Traitors (Pro-Jpnese)
- The Chinese Cooperators (Pro-Jpnese)

<Notable People from this Period>
【Sun Yat Sen】
The Leader of China
【Ahn Jung Gun】
The Master Assassin of Korea and General of the Korean Righteous Army
【Tojo Hideki】
The Emperor of Japan
【John Rabe】
The German Assassin disguised as a Nazi
【Mao Ze****】
The Leader of the Chinese Communists
【Chiang Kai Shek】
The Leader of the Chinese Nationalists
【Lee Wan Yong】
The Korean traitor that made Japan occupy Korea. Later assassinated by his own kin.

3. The Mongol Invasions

「After his father, Genghis, united the Mongolian tribes and expanded the territories of Mongolia, the grand master templar of Mongolia Kublai Khan sets his eyes on kingdoms outside. One of them being (Song/Jin) China and Goryeo (Korea). The Chinese already fell to the Mongols and after 40 years of destruction and bloodshed from 1230 to 1270, Korea surrenders along. However, not the Assassins inside. The Chinese and Korean Assassins (along with other assassins from other places under Mongolian influence) takes the risk to send Kublai and his underlings to the next world.」

The Capital of the Mongolian Empire.
This area will function as the last stage of the game where both Goryeo (Korean), Chinese Assassins and other foreign assassins (Including the Polish) will attempt to assassinate Kublai Khan.
Mongol-Controlled Beijing. Beijing will function as an area where Chinese Assassins and Mongolian Templars + Chinese traitors will collide.
The Hideout of the Goryeo Assassins. The Korean Assassins will take part in assassinating imporatant Templar Targets here. The Chinese Brotherhood will partially take part in several important assassinations.
The Hideout of the Chinese Assassins.
One fourth of the Chinese Assassins of China will die here after the Mongolians storm this area. It will be a major battlefield where the Chinese Assassins fight the Mongols.

-The Chinese Brotherhood
(Chinese veterans rallied against the Mongols)
-The Temple Keepers
(An underground Chinese Assassin Base; it's like a safehouse in GTA)
- The Goryeo Brotherhood
- Sambyolcho Rebels
- The Mongolian Army
- Mongolian Templars
- The Kwonmunseh (Korean Templars)
- The Chinese Traitors (Chinese Templars)
- The Polish Brotherhood

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