View Full Version : Why are there a lot of MAJOR GLITCHES in this game.

01-17-2014, 07:55 AM
Still a good game but they need to hire more tester because there should not be so many major glitches. Like people that can shoot through 2 or 3 mountains, people that can stab you when they are on the aft end of the ship and you are on the bow in the water, but yet they are able to stab you and take away 1/2 your life. I've run into way to many glitches for them to of been over looked. I swear they programmed the game to cheat at times.

01-17-2014, 08:15 AM
I haven't experienced any game breaking, or "MAJOR" glitches. Yeah it's annoying dudes can hit you through the ledge of the ship while you're climbing up. The game can cheat if it wants to every once in a while. Like I've said before, currently you are god in AC games. You can melt 100 guys and barely break a sweat unless Edward decides not to roll out of the way of a heavy, which I think only happens when boarding.

They need to make things better in this respect in the next game. But as far as glitches, I know there are some, but they've helped me more than hurt me personally. (The glitch where you can keep your hood up while on the Jackdaw and while boarding ships.)