View Full Version : AC4 Controls... Wheel being detected, but i have a KB/Mouse

01-15-2014, 02:11 PM
Hopefully someone can help, because I have yet another annoying problem with AC4.

I am on PC, and I play with KB and mouse. Always have. I do not own a controller. I recently hooked up my wheel again, and now everytime I want to play AC4, the stupid thing thinks I have a controller, and tries to make me play with one. It gives all commands with the various controller sticks and buttons.

I can use the mouse and KB, but all menus are stuck on the last, or bottom-most option, so i can’t really select anything, as even though i can move the selector with KB, it will faster-than-light go back to the last menu option and open that.

And yes, i can use the various buttons on my wheel to select stuff, though obviously, i have no idea what goes with what, and funny as it may be, i doubt the game is playable with a wheel anyway. Wonder if Eddie will run faster using the accelerator, lol.

Previous AC games had the option of choosing a controller or KB/mouse, but Ac4 doesn’t. And the above issue doesn’t happen with any other game.

And yes, i can disable the wheel through Control Panel, or turn the wheel off at the power source, but since the Logitech detection software is a little ‘touchy’, it has issues trying to detect it, so i would rather not do this, and neither should i have to.

Wondering if others have had an issue like this, no idea if this happens with normal Xbox or PS controllers also.

Am i missing a menu somewhere where it’s possible to choose your controller?

P.S – sorry if the spacing, font, or size if a little off, but i’m using Word to write this, then copy/pasting as this new thread window is ridiculously buggy, stuttering and freezing up all the time.

01-15-2014, 04:25 PM
They removed option to choose between controller and kb+mouse. Instead AC4 automatically switches between them based on the last input it got from the system. For me it automatically shows PC controls when I press any keyboard button and Xbox controls when I press anything on my gamepad.
Maybe your wheel generates some constant input forcing game to switch controls.

01-15-2014, 05:27 PM
Thanks. Where do you see this option to press something on either KB or gamepad? I just automatically get the controls in the first screen where you are asked to press something.
So you may be right... any idea how I check this? The testing software shows nothing indicating a pressed button or stuck pedal. Troubleshooting reveals nothing.

01-15-2014, 06:16 PM

When it say's 'press start' - can you not just press the enter key and the game starts - it should then swap over to keyboard prompts?

If not, It maybe that the driver for the Wheel - is overriding the game - and you may have to consider unplugging the wheel - or - worse case - removing the drivers for it.

Please do contact support - they may have some other suggestions to try also!


01-16-2014, 01:12 PM
Both SP and MP do this. When the screen for either comes up to press ‘any key’ or ‘esc’, then yes, I can use my KB, and the game will accept the command. But no, it does not swap to KB/mouse controls. It loads up with controller sticks and buttons, and like I said, even though I can use the KB and mouse to try to select something, I can’t as the ‘imaginary controller’ choice reverts immediately to the last menu option.
It also makes no difference whether I start MP directly or going through the SP screen.
The one thing I’ve found though, is that the game will not detect the wheel until I test/calibrate it, which I do before playing driving games, due to different profiles, as well as to check that all is ok. So as long as I don’t want to play driving games before AC4, all is well… lol.
To be honest, AC4, with its myriad of bugs and problems, is already a very annoying and frustrating game, and there is no way in the world I would remove drivers, or change my system specifically just for this one game. As I said, all other games are fine, just AC4.
No, I won’t be contacting support, going from previous and other’s experience, there really is no point.

Thanks for your time though Mr Shade.