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01-14-2014, 07:54 PM
With Ubisoft just announcing the launch of the Illustrious Pirates Pack for AC IV I am noticing that some DLC's are being made available on some PC's but on others they are not. What I am saying is that the Aveline DLC is not available with any PC games except the Digital Deluxe Edition. This would mean that anyone who bought the game would have to buy it again just to play the Aveline missions. This is just wrong and with Ubisoft having a great fan base for AC they should at least make the DLC's available to all at a reduced price say $10 or available with the season pass.

This has also happened with AC III with the Benedict Arnold DLC which was made available only for PS3 players and Digital Deluxe owners. I have already asked their support team and they told me that it is not available except with the Digital Deluxe Edition so I suggested to them to make all DLC's available so that everyone can enjoy them and not a select few.

Anyone who may feel the same or otherwise should just say so so that Ubisoft would know what their fans and customers want.

01-14-2014, 08:13 PM
You're mistaking special edition and platform specific bonus content with DLC. Aveline was never intended as separate DLC, like that which comes with Season Pass. It was only ever Playsation and Gold/Deluxe Edition content, not DLC.

Furthermore the DLC IS the better content of ANY of the extra stuff available. Trust me, I have the Gold Edition with Aveline, the 3 Islands pack, the Florentine and Crusader packs, etc, and none of that is worth crap compared to the Freedom Cry DLC.

Let me make this clear, the Season Pass is 99% of what's great about the Gold and Deluxe Editions. The rest is just cheap trinkets as window dressing and very insignificant by comparison. If you disagree, you should have done your research and bought the Gold or Deluxe Edition.

Your poll is inaccurate and moot because you're mistaking bonus content with DLC. If you're still not getting it, let me make it even simpler. Bonus content = content that comes with special editions. DLC = content that is downloaded either via piecemeal purchases, or for free with a pass.