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01-14-2014, 02:20 PM
Sunday morning I finally decided to make the jump to a PS4. I went to Game Stop and they didn't have a unit in stock so went to WalMart and bought one there. Got it set up and started playing AC4. I began to experience a CE-34878-0 error at random times. The game would suddenly stop, the error code would display and I would wind up back at the PS4 start screen where I would have to restart the game. Wasn't losing any data but it was getting really irritating having to restart. Sometimes in the process I would get a E-FFFFFFFF error stating the app[lication couldn't be started and I would have to try restarting several times to get past it. Yesterday after several errors and restarts I called SONY support and talked with a very nice young lady. Rebuilt the database, fired up AC4 and once again started getting the restart error. I had just completed Havana and Edward had outfitted the Jackdaw when I finally had enough of the restarts. I wiped the hard drive and took the PS4 back to WalMart and exchanged it for a new one. I had also Googled and found that the problem is pretty widespread.

Set up the new PS4 and started AC4 again. After playing for a bit I shut down and took a break. Later when I tried to restart the game I kept getting the E-FFFFFFFF error that the application couldn't be started. Shut down once again and when I returned later AC4 started with no problems. So far (I'm still in Havana) I haven't encountered the C-34878-0 error.

Have any of you been having problems playing AC4 on the PS4? I'm wondering if it is a console problem or a game problem since both are still pretty new.

01-14-2014, 02:29 PM

Sorry to read about the problems you have had - I take it you have exchanged the disc?

Also it's worth contacting support, since they may have some advice to offer:


01-14-2014, 04:21 PM
Good morning Shade. Hadn't thought about exchanging the disc. Actually had to buy it at Game Stop so I'll stop by and talk with them today.

01-14-2014, 04:34 PM
I haven't played AC4 yet cause I wanted to get it for ps4. This may change things. :O

01-14-2014, 05:11 PM
Hello Ureh. This appears to be a pretty wide spread problem affecting different games. I haven't ran across any definitive information regarding a fix and still don't know if it is a console issue or a programming glitch in games that needs to be addressed. It looks like the issue is not present in all consoles considering the number sold vs the problems being reported on various forums. Guess it could be that a lot of people are not reporting the problem and are just living with it hoping for a fix from SONY or their game vendors. It doesn't seem to be a fatal error that renders a game unplayable but is a real irritant having to constantly restart the system or game. I guess it's a crap shoot if you will get a problem console or not. If you get a PS4 at WalMart they will exchange it pretty much no questions asked and kudos to them for that. I don't know that the situation would prevent me from buying a PS4 but you should be prepared to deal with possible glitches.

I would hope the UBIsoft people are keeping an eye on the situation and running their own diagnostics to check for possible programming problems. Also hoping the issue will be corrected soon.

01-14-2014, 05:17 PM
Thank you for sharing your experience DynaRider. I'll have to keep an eye on this.