View Full Version : Tiered online match-making? Please read and offer feed back!

01-13-2014, 11:49 PM
This is a thought I had because I read a message that Miisty posted here about how the online fight queue system currently works. It starts off by first trying to find somebody within 1-10 levels higher than you, and after a period of time it moves on to try to find somebody 10-20 levels higher. To me that makes absolutely no sense. There is no way in the world I have a chance with somebody that is up to 10-20 levels higher than me in fame. They obviously have spent much more time in the game, have more funds, access to better gladiators and equipment and have much, much more practice under their belts.

My system I think will solve a lot of the rage-quitting nonsense, give more fair fights, and still offer a high risk/high reward system for those people looking for hard challenges. How do I think this could work? By making tiers for online matches. When you select your gladiator to put in a match, it works just like it used to. Except now you get to choose several options:

EASY: You will get minimum gold/fame, but you will ONLY fight somebody within 1-5 fame levels of you. This will allow new people to the game to fight other newer people to the game and prevent mismatches. Chances are people with higher fame ratings won't go into a match like this because it will be a waste of their time. The reward could be like the start up arena in the offline fights. 1 silver, one fame modifier.

MEDIUM: You will get a bit more gold/fame, but now you will face people up to 1-10 levels of your own. Higher risk, but higher reward. Just like the second area of the offline mode: 2 Silver and 2 fame.

HARD: You will get more gold/fame, but now you will face fighters 1-15 levels higher than your own. This could be around 3 silver and 3 fame.

EXTREME: This will give you the maximum gold/fame reward, but it will offer you fighters level 1-20+ higher than you. 5 silver and 5 fame.

Thing is, level 40-50 guys are most likely going to go with the higher end stuff anyway and still have fair matches because they will be facing only people level 40-50 themselves. But, maybe there is a level 25 guy who wants to take on a 40+? If so, that's his choice and should be willing to face the consequences of losing such a lopsided match. Conversely, for taking on such an opponent, they should be getting a significant reward. I think this makes for a good balance. I'd much rather have a timed out search queue than to be shoved into a match with a guy that is 20+level fame more than myself and probably has a good 150-200+ to his gladiator ranking on me.


What if you are in a lower tier and no match can be found?

A: Simply, the game then prompts you with a message that no match can be found for you, and then you get two options. To back out and try again later, or to perhaps try a higher level of fight. You should not be FORCED into this like the current system allows. Your choice. Maybe I am fame level 20, but by higher level gladiators have all been killed and I need to make money to revive them. All I have is my lowest rated guy. Maybe if I am lucky I can go in to easy or medium and find a fight for me. If I keep trying and can't find anything, then I have to either grind offline or make a choice to risk fighting somebody much, much higher than me.

All of the details I suggest can be tweaked, such as the rewards and such. But I think the tiered system is a good idea. Hardcore fighters can choose to fight hardcore matches. Guys still learning the game and getting used to fighting online opponents rather than AI opponents can learn, but not get completely wiped out before they have a chance to figure out what happened.

Feel free to add questions/comments and offer your tweaking ideas to this. I am not a programmer so I have NO idea how hard it would be to implement this change. I think the game mechanics are all there, it would just be a matter of changing the match-making search engine.