View Full Version : And my rights?

01-12-2014, 09:56 PM
Dear lasttroy,

You have received an infraction at Ubisoft Forums.

Reason: Inappropriate Language

Can you tell me why did you deleted my post?

So you have rights to ban me but i can't expose my naggings and the rights to people read me.

Remember me not to buy more ubisoft games, all people around ubi are who don't deserve nothing from all users that buy their games. Que os den.

01-13-2014, 09:42 AM
If you have an issue with staff you need to send them a Private Message. Posts such as this are not allowed. If you read the Forum Rules you will find that swearing is not allowed and swearing to this degree can and will lead to post deletion.

Feedback be it positive or negative is welcome but you need to be constructive and follow the Rules.