View Full Version : AC III - Unconvinced - Help

01-12-2014, 05:30 AM

After finishing AC4BF with 100% sync, I decided to go back and hit AC III for 100% sync. I'm currently trying to do redo the mission called Unconvinced. The objectives are pretty simple: Don't lose more than 50% health, use 2 breakables during a fight and complete it in one go. I do all of those, it gives me credit on-screen for the 2 breakables but yet when the mission is done, it only shows 2 markers even though there were 3 objectives: I get a complete on the first dot and a fail for the second. When I recheck the mission, it shows that I received credit for both the breakables and the health objectives but shows me as not completing it in a single go.

I've done this mission more times than I care to admit with varying strategies. Sometimes I kill the wolves by hand, other times I shoot them. I've skipped through all of the cut scenes while other times I've let them all cut scenes play. I'm pretty much out of ideas on this. I've read there were patches put in place and I'm the current version (1.06 I believe).

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.